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East Hockey Masters' - Club Representatives:
  Mastersí Club Representatives
In November of last year, the correspondence below was sent to all East Club Secretaries. Following the disappointing response [11 out of the 134 clubs have responded to date], this is now being published as an open letter seeking volunteers from each East Club to become Mastersí Club Representatives to assist in the provision of Mastersí Hockey within the region. Please also note the invitation to players to trial for the newly created Over 35s Regional Men's and Women's squads. The Menís invitation remains open as we continue to identify players for this squad. The Ladies squad has already been chosen for 2019, however, trial applications are welcomed for next season should players have missed the opportunity to trial this year.
ďDear Club Secretary,
I am writing to you on behalf of the East Masters Committee to enlist your help. The East Masters Committee was formed in 2012 with the specific aim of creating more playing opportunities for all Mastersí hockey players within the East Region.
Iím sure you are aware that Menís and Ladies regional teams, comprising East selected players, participate in age group regional tournaments on an annual basis at Over 35s, 40s, O45s, O50s, O55s and O60s levels. In addition, Menís teams compete at the O65s, O70s and O75s levels. These regional tournaments are held between April and June each year and are organised at national level with tournament venues located throughout England. England Hockey also organise Mastersí Club Championships [at M40ís, M50s, M60s, L35s and L45s] on an annual basis. This competition allows masters players from Clubs, unable to field a full team due to lack of numbers, to join with other Clubs in a similar position thus affording as many Mastersí players an opportunity to play masters hockey as possible.
Additionally, at East regional level, Menís and Ladies County Tournaments at the Over 40s and Over 50s levels are held in the spring of each year and an East Region Menís Club Over 40s tournament is held in September of each year.
In order to improve communication to, from and within the Mastersí fraternity in the region we are asking each Club to elect a Mastersí Representative to act as the liaison between your Club and the East Masters Committee. This liaison will be through County Reps that are already in place and have a seat on the East Mastersí Committee. Please view the East Masters website pages on the East Hockey website for details of who your County Rep(s) is(are).
Club reps will be asked to disseminate information, canvass views and new ideas, collate and supply player numbers and age group data and act as the voice of the Clubís mastersí players, basically the Club ĎGo Toí person on all things ĎMasters Hockeyí. Clubs can choose to elect a single rep or have two reps, one each from their Menís and Ladies sections. No Club is considered too small to participate in this initiative, if only one of your Mastersí members is afforded the opportunity to play masters hockey, it will be considered a success.
We do hope that your Club will be in favour of this initiative and if so, would be grateful to receive details of your elected reps name(s) and email address(es) in due course at the following address:
We are aware that some Clubs have nominated mastersí reps already in place, in these cases we would be grateful if Clubs would confirm their reps name(s) and email address(es). Once we have a sufficient number of reps on board we will meet with them on a County by County basis to discuss the next phase of this initiative.
I also take this opportunity to ask that you advertise the attached note inviting eligible mastersí players to apply to attend trials for a place in the newly created East O35s Menís and Ladies regional squads. I have also attached Invitation to Trial - Application Forms [Ladies and Menís] that should be completed by interested players and returned to the email addresses shown on the forms.
Details of trials for other age groups will be posted onto the Mastersí pages on the East website as they become available.
With best regards,
Kim Hansen
Chairman - East Masters Committee
Please note that by supplying the Club representativesí personal details that it is assumed that they consent to them being passed on to others in connection with hockey activity at county, regional or National level. Details will NOT be passed on to anybody outside of Mastersí Hockey at County, Regional or National level ď.