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East Hockey News

Appointment of Club Umpires:
  We have received concerning news from clubs where away teams in lower League Divisions are turning up to games assuming the home team are going to provide both umpires. The rules are very clear that where ERHUA or County HUA umpires are not appointed that "Clubs must supply their own umpires."
By mutual agreement it is acceptable for the home club to supply two umpires. However there will be cases where either the home side or the away side do not wish the home team to supply both umpires and the League rules respect this.
Good practice says it is important that during the week before any game the away team is clear of the umpiring arrangements at any game. Travelling teams should not automatically assume the home team has agreed to supply both umpires, where it does happen and it can be proved that no mutual agreement is in place the away team can assume that a heavy penalty may well follow.