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East Hockey News

Umpires are a magical thing:
  Last weekend we experienced our first games postponed due to weather and we have had some other games postponed due to clubs indoor commitments.
This message goes out to clubs who have teams who are lucky enough to receive appointed officials from either the ERHUA or the various County HUA's.
The process of appointing umpires is relatively simple when the appointment secretary's know the dates of games, in the usual run-of-the-mill season the dates of the League season are known well in advance, however dates of re-arranged games are not. Therefore it is important if a game is postponed, once the date of the re-arranged game has been agreed it is the home clubs responsibility to contact the relevant Appointment Secretary to notify them of the date and then make sure that the appointed umpires are contacted before 9pm of the Tuesday before the game to make sure they arrive on the right day, at the right venue, at the right time.