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East Hockey News

Bad weather - start to think:
  Up here in North Cambridgeshire it snowed last night, not a lot but in certain area's the snow settled and with clear skies this morning it has frozen.
The forecast is that today and tomorrow it will warm up slightly so we anticipate that the pitches will defrost and be playable tomorrow, but...........
All clubs will know their local pitches and local geography so please start to prepare for tomorrow. We ask you all to think about whether you have any concerns on the pitch defrosting. Think about who you are playing against tomorrow, the distance they will travel, with that knowledge think about what time you will need to carry out your pitch inspection(s). If you are the away team think about the contact details your opposing clubs have, are they enough? Your Fixture Secretary's are busy people and most also play/umpire/coach, so do you need to provide additional contacts. If you have pool appointed umpires think about them and make sure that they are also contacted as early as possible. Lastly contact your League Manager to ensure that they are aware the game is off. Hopefully your game will be played without trouble or concern but this is good advice that will remain true not only for this weekend, but the whole season and next season too.