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East Hockey News

League Managers:
  Some clubs seem to have not swotted up on who their League Managers are. This information is given at the bottom of the League Management Committee page on the tab on the left hand side of this page. Their contact details are also given there. The League Managers and their divisions are:- East Men's League - Russell Nutter (Prem A and B), Pritpal Sagoo (1,2N&S), Barry Harness (3-5NW), Jade Bloomfield (6NWN/S), David Burt (3-4NE), Richard Malone (5NE, 6NEN/NES), Ali Smyth (3-4SE), Phil Churchman (5-6SE), Marc Lloyd (7-8SE), Chris Perry (9-10SE & 9SW), Richard Munns (3-4SW), Ed Stubbings (5SW), Sarah Farmer (6,7&8SW).
East Women's League - Shaun Dewing (Prem), Christina Dewing (1N&4NWN), Nicola Wilkes (1S&2SE), Sarah Mann (2NE), Vicky Benedikz (2NW & 2SW), Rosemary Prince (3NW), Kishor Shah (4NWS&5NWS)