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Proposed Divisions for the 2017-18 season:
  We have published a new version of the proposed divisions for the 2017-18 today, the changes reflect comments from clubs, a correction from where we had made a small error in EML Divisions 2 (which was highlighted by a club and had an impact both on that club and further down the SW quadrant), a correction in the SE and NW quadrant and the wish for a club to swap into Div 5NWS. As always to see them please click on the Pre-season tab on the left hand side of this page and then click the link towards the top of the page. Apologies to clubs that have been affected but this year has been particularly difficult with team entries, let alone other requests that have popped out of the woodwork. Please take until Friday 23rd June to give us your final comments as we need to work on the fixtures to get them available for circa 5th July.