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East Hockey News

Fixture Scheduling for Smaller Team League Divisions:
  It has been suggested that fixtures for smaller team League Divisions team league fixtures should be brought in line with the majority 12-team division fixtures. It has already been agreed to start these leagues on the same date as all the other leagues but a number of clubs have requested an equal number of home and away games on the same Saturday as possible. This can only be achieved with 10-team leagues if the 12-team format is used and two teams have a 'free'
Saturday each week before and after Christmas. This will be an extension of the current format where, with 11
teams playing in a 12-team format, one team each week has a 'free' day. This will affect only EML Divisions 6NE(N), 6NE(S) and EWL Division 4NW(N) as 8-team and 14-team leagues divisions will remain with their own schedule.