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East Hockey News

Outstanding Games:
  In the East Men's League there are circa 140 games outstanding, in the EWL there are about 40 games outstanding and a large number of these games were postponed this weekend, following freezing temperatures. We realise with the Christmas holidays shortly upon us we are giving all clubs up to and including Sunday 18th February to get all games scheduled either before or up to 16th December played. If you already have dates booked that is great and these were booked prior to the 16th December and these scheduled games should take place as planned. We are trying to be helpful to all clubs, as we understand that it can be difficult to book pitches at Schools and Leisure Centres over the Christmas Holidays and in giving this understanding to clubs we do not expect any team/club to ask for any further extension for games from the first half of the season, unless we receive more poor weather, where we would review the position.