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Our raison d’etre is to create more playing opportunities for all Masters within the East Region.For more information please contact any Committee Member.



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England Trial Appl Forms
2019 Women O55
2019 Women O60
2019 Women O65
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East Hockey Masters' - Club Representatives
20/01/2019: Masters’ Club Representatives
In November of last year, the correspondence below was sent to all East Club Secretaries. Following the disappointing response [11 out of the 134 clubs have responded to date], this is now being published as an open letter seeking volunteers from each East Club to become Masters’ Club Representatives to assist in the provision of Masters’ Hockey within the region. Please also note the invitation to players to trial for the newly created Over 35s Regional Men's and Women's squads. The Men’s invitation remains open as we continue to identify players for this squad. The Ladies squad has already been chosen for 2019, however, trial applications are welcomed for next season should players have missed the opportunity to trial this year.

East Masters Regional Age Group Contacts – 2019.
20/01/2019: Please find below an updated listing of all East Masters' Regional Age Group Contacts for 2019.
Over 35s: Kim Hansen 07765 402973 (M) kim1980hansen@gmail.com
Over 40s: Nick Wilyman 07545 841940 (M) nwilyman@me.com
Over 45s: Nick Jerman 07769 975195 (M) nick_jerman@hotmail.com
Over 50s: Matthew Leedham 07787 574244 (M) matthewleedham@btconnect.com
Over 55s: Martin Collcott 07583 399553 (M) martin.collcott@btopenworld.com
Over 60s: Graeme Welch 07759 417518 (M) gwelch@btinternet.com
Over 65s: Chris Blake 07836 315679 (M) cpfb44@btinternet.com
Over 70s: Norman Ballard 07780 609412 (M) nj_ballard@yahoo.co.uk
Over 75s: Graham George 07879 403425 (M) a8gmg@sky.com
Over 35s: Helen Rose 07817 734457 (M) empower.hrose@gmail.com
Over 40s: Ann-Marie Davenport adavenporthockey@outlook.com
Over 45s: Alex Hooker 07702 217858 (M) alexhooker44@hotmail.com
Over 50s: Maria Whelan macwheelie@hotmail.com
Over 55s: Pippa Bull 07786 125363 (M) bull.pippa@gmail.com
Over 60s: Sally Tippen 07866 197752 (M) legend_st@hotmail.co.uk

East Women's Regional Trials
26/11/2018: Trials for all Women's age groups will be at Cambridge University hockey pitches, Wilberforce Rd, Cambridge CB2 0EQ from 1.00 - 4.00 pm on 2 December 2018 and 6 January 2019. Please meet at 12.30 pm. A programme of matches will be issued once numbers are known.
The second England trial for O40s, O45s and O50s Women is also on the 2nd December date and providing players can attend on 6 January then that should not be a problem. Those not available for either trial date will need to contact the relevant person for their age group as detailed in the Competitions notice.
Further trial dates for England O40s, 45s and 50s Women are 13 January 2019 and 17 February 2019.

East Hockey Masters Over 35s – New Initiative:
20/11/2018: In 2018, as part of the development of Masters' Hockey in England, England Hockey initiated the development of invitational national teams for both Men’s and Ladies at the Over 35’s age group level. With international masters' hockey now including this Over 35s category, England Hockey will be looking to select official teams with a view to participating in World and European level competition from 2019.
In line with this initiative, East Masters Hockey is looking to create teams at this Age Group level to compete in Over 35 Regional Tournaments, to take place in 2019.
In order to be eligible for this new age group East Masters Hockey are inviting anyone born between 1st January 1980 and 31st December 1984 to apply for trials to represent East Masters Regional Men’s and Ladies O35s teams.
Players [both male and female] wishing to be considered should contact Kim Hansen [kim1980hansen@gmail.com] for an application form to attend trials. Please complete the appropriate application form [Men’s or Ladies] and return as advised on the form.
Please note that the Men’s age group is also looking for an individual or group of individuals willing to take charge of the squad administration and management process. Anyone wishing to be part of this process should contact Kim Hansen kim1980hansen@gmail.com who will run through what this role will entail.