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umpiring and discipline

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Various levels of umpiring are used in the East Leagues, and each one involves responsibilities for participating Clubs.  Where it is reasonable to do so, the East Leagues support rules that prompt and assist Clubs to contribute to the development of umpires generally.  

Top Divisions:  In East Men Divisions Prem A, Prem B, 1, 2N and 2S and in East Women  Divisions Prem, 1N and 1S, umpires are provided by either the East Regional Umpires Association or County Umpires Association Pools.  Clubs in these divisions receiving umpires from pools must (a) appoint an Umpiring Liaison Officer and (b) supply a qualified umpire weekly to either the East or their County Pool on a one-in one-out basis.  Failure to regularly do so will lead to withdrawal of pool umpires from the club, and matches in top divisions without two pool umpires will be awarded against the team failing to comply. 

Other Divisions:  Clubs must supply their own umpires to all other matches. This need not be one each, and two home umpire arrangements are often used by mutual agreement. Some teams in lower divisions may receive two home umpires from their County Umpiring Pools under local arrangements, and the visiting team must accept this and must supply both umpires for the other match. 
Club Umpires must be Level 1 or higher in higher Divisions.  In lower Divisions, umpires can also be of Unassessed standard, i.e. having passed the Level 1 exam but not yet having been assessed. (See the League Rules for definitions of higher/lower divisions for the purposes of this rule).
Clubs are expected to have a total of Level 1 umpires that is at least double the total of teams they have in the East League, of whom at least half must be full Level 1.   Clubs are expected to maintain an up to date list of all their umpires on the East website, using the Club Umpires System.  Use the link at the top of the page to reach this.
Note that the East Leagues do not differentiate between active and inactive Level 1 umpires as defined elsewhere.

Pool arrangements
Contact details for pool organisers can be found on the East Umpires website or on the County Association pages on the East Hockey website.
A Club receiving umpires from pools must appoint an Umpiring Liaison Officer (ULO), whose primary responsibilities are to:

  • Supply the relevant Regional Pool Coordinator (RPC) or County Pool Coordinator (CPC) with home start times and venues by the dates laid down in the timetable.
  • Notify the RPC or CPC of any changes of contact details immediately they occur
  • Provide and keep up to date a list of nominated club level 1 umpires for the purpose of rule 5.1 together with telephone numbers, email and postal addresses.
  • Liaise with the County HUA to arrange coaching and Assessment opportunities for their clubs umpires. (This may include organising suitable club appointments for candidates to umpire or to arrange for club candidates
    to attend tournaments where coaching and assessments are being made).
  • Ensure that all their club umpires are aware of their grading and H.A Level 1 registration number.
  • Ensure, where East League rules require it, that all their club umpires are current members of the relevant County H.U.A or probationer level 1 umpires completing their level 1 training or assessment.
  • Inform the CPC of their entire nominated club umpires names and availability by the deadline date before publication of each pool sheet.
  • Supply a substitute umpire for any club nominees who become unavailable in the interim between pool sheet publication and the fixture date.
  • Confirm the start time and venue of all home fixtures with the appointed umpires by the Tuesday night prior to the fixture. The use of email is acceptable providing the timescale is sufficient and a reply is asked for and returned within such timescale. Where there is insufficient time to complete the tasks by email, all parties should be telephoned.   Note: Many recipients use Company or business emails so replies to email notification of changes are imperative.
  • Ensure that umpires are contacted immediately in the event of a postponement or cancellation.
  • Inform the RPC or CPC of any postponed fixture within 48 hours of its postponement and provide immediate notification to them when the fixture is rearranged.
  • Report any problems/non compliance to the RPC or CPC and ERHUA Compliance Officer.

Discipline and Appeals
Red cards and Match Day Misconduct Offences (MMOs): issued by umpires are dealt with by England Hockey Disciplinary Procedures as managed by County and/or Regional Disciplinary Officers.  The League does not become involved in this.  You can see a summary of EH red card and MMO procedures on the East Hockey website here.

A player, team or club may be subject to discipinary action by the League under some circumstances. Such disciplinary action usually, but not exclusively, arises from incidents that are beyond the England hockey disciplinary code, for example persistent misbehaviour by individuals or teams over a period.  All decisions by League Managers and the East League Committee are subject to appeal using the procedures set out in League Disciplinary Rule 7. 

In addition, yellow cards are monitored by the League and players receiving four or more yellow cards in League matches in a season are subject to bans from one or more League matches. It is the responsibility of the player and club to activate the ban. The league will check teamsheets to ensure that the appropraite number of games suspension have been served.  Failure to wthdraw the player from selection will lead to team penalties.