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preseason requirements

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Entry: All clubs must enter their number of teams for the Mens and Women's Leagues for next season by the end of May at the latest. Use this link to do this: league entry form

Pay East League fees:  The invoice for your Club league fees must be printed out from the website and you will need your club password to do this.  Payment must be made before the start of the League season, otherwise matches will be void.  N.B. Invoices are not available until early August when league team numbers are finalised.  Do not attempt to pay before your new season invoice is available.You can find your Club invoice here:  invoices 

Ensure that your club information page is up to date: To see the information on your club that is currently in the league database, use the ClubSearch facility on the East Hockey website. You must update this information during May-June every season. If no changes are needed, you must still enter the update system and click through to confirm this. Your usual club password will be needed.
Click here to go to the East website and update your club details.

Check the changes in the league rules: The full rules for are available as a printable, downloadable document. You should at the very least look at the most recent revisions.  
See rule changes and full rules.  

Note your League Managers for the new season: 
Ensure that your Captains are aware of the details of the Managers responsible for the divisions in which they will be playing. Send contact details for your Captains (tel & email) to your League Managers before the season - or pay a £20 fine.  
See the current officer list.

Print off teamsheets ready for the season: Distribute these and make sure captains understand the rules and deadlines on reporting results and sending in teamsheets. New Captains especially!
Download teamsheets.

Register all your EML Premier A and EWL Premier players with your League Manager:  Teams must register all players who will participate in these divisions. Only ONE overseas player can be registered in the season - a registered overseas player cannot be replaced during the season by another. Use the league registration form, and send in your initial squad registration before the season starts.
Download registration form.

Provide details of ALL home game venues and start times - after fixtures are declared as Final: Home clubs must put details of match venues and times on this website at least four weeks before the start of the season for all games up to Christmas, and by Nov 30th for all games after Christmas (but preferably all before the start of the season).  Each late entry can attract a £5 fine at the discretion of the League Manager. If you have problems, contact your League Manager before he contacts you !
Changes during the season must be input to the same system and also communicated directly to the other club.
To input details of your home games, your usual club password will be needed.

Go to times & venues system.

Your Club Umpires:  Check and update your list of Level 1 and Probationer Level 1 umpires in the database on this website.  If you fail to do this and an umpire not registered with the League umpires a league match, the match will be awarded to the opposition.  You must have twice as many qualified umpires as you have league teams.
All umpires for East League matches should be members of a County HUA - you should consider having your Club pay CHUA fees en bloc as a gesture of thanks to your umpires. 
Go to umpires page. 

Note: the "start of the season" applicable to several of these rules is the earliest East League Saturday in the EWL or the EML, as appropriate.
Note:  the "usual club password" is the one that your club has had since the ClubSearch facility was introduced some seasons ago.  If you have lost it, ask the Webmaster for help (though he will not be best pleased if you are one of those clubs that ask for this every season).

There are of course other requirements to be fulfilled during the course of the season. Check the League Rules to see these additional tasks.   Whilst this all may seem onerous, adhering to these rules will greatly ease the work of the unpaid volunteers who run the East Leagues