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Matches are occasionally postponed by prior arrangement well in advance of the match date.  Only the League Manager can agree a postponement, and the Home Club must ask the League Manager for an agreement to postpone before discussing a new date with the other Club.  Failure to do so will usually mean that the postponement will not be allowed.
There are very few reasons why an advance postponement can be given.  Reasons that have been accepted in the past include: clashes with a regional or national indoor competition;  an away match in a national competition on the Sunday where distance to the venue means travelling on the Saturday;  loss of a significant number of players to a regional or national senior representative side;  and loss of access to facilities due to reasons beyond the Club's control. 
Postponements will not be given for having a shortage of players for any other reason.  If a team is short, it must fill in from the team below, and so on down the Club.  If that leaves the bottom team unable to raise a side, that team's game is forfeited.    The reason for this hard line is that allowing postponements for player shortages is letting a team choose to play only when it is at full strength, and if both teams act in that way, the game might be delayed and delayed.  The League firmly believes that the ability to get players out regularly is part of what makes a team strong and worthy of competing for promotion. 
Note that there are specific procedures for indoor postponements set out in the rule.

This is a very different situation and refers to events on the day of the match that prevent the game being played or completed, such as the pitch being unplayable because of weather conditions, an umpire failing to arrive and no replacement being found, the majority of the visiting team failing to arrive because of major travel problems, or the umpires abandoning the game due to loss of light, injury to a player, damage to the pitch or goals, etc.
Agreed postponements and abandonments must be rearranged by the Clubs on the earliest available League slip date as given in the Fixtures List. This must be done within two weeks of the original date, or the League Manager may impose fines on both Clubs. Once a new date is settled, the Home club must update the Times & Venues system on this website, and in higher divisions must also inform the Umpiring Pool Secretary. For the 2009/10 season, all postponed and abandoned matches must be played by the weekend after Easter, April 10th-11th, after which the Leagues will close.