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East League Rules and Deadlines:
All pages now updated for the 2017-18 season.
League fee invoices:
Now available for the new season via the Preseason page. Please ensure your club pays before the league season starts - else you will lose points!
Fixtures for the 2017-18 season:
We think we have received all the comments regarding their fixtures that we are likely to receive. We are now happy for clubs treat the fixtures as final and we are happy for clubs to enter their fixtures onto the website. Can we ask all fixture secretary's to remember that where they are the home side they must notify both the away teams and, where umpires are appointed, the appropriate Umpire Appointment Secretary, directly either by letter or email and fixtures should not be identified as being agreed until you have received positive confirmation in return. For games in the first half of the season the venues and times must be entered by 4 weeks before the first game of the season.
Thanks to all:
Thank you to all clubs for ensuring that their club information on the East website is up to date. Every club hit the 30th June deadline, it is much appreciated.
Proposed Divisions for the 2017-18 season:
We have published a new version of the proposed divisions for the 2017-18 today, the changes reflect comments from clubs, a correction from where we had made a small error in EML Divisions 2 (which was highlighted by a club and had an impact both on that club and further down the SW quadrant), a correction in the SE and NW quadrant and the wish for a club to swap into Div 5NWS. As always to see them please click on the Pre-season tab on the left hand side of this page and then click the link towards the top of the page. Apologies to clubs that have been affected but this year has been particularly difficult with team entries, let alone other requests that have popped out of the woodwork. Please take until Friday 23rd June to give us your final comments as we need to work on the fixtures to get them available for circa 5th July.
Out with the old........:
Representatives of over 40 clubs came together along with guests of honour (ERHA President Peter Leaton and ERHA Vice President Sally Tippen) to the East League Annual General Meeting and Presentation Day.to celebrate the handing over of trophies to the different winners of each division, along with the Fair Play awards and top goal scorers in both the Women's and Men's sections. East League Chair Rosemary Prince paid respect to each winner in particular to Old Loughtonians who won the EML Premier Division and Bedford who won the EWL Premier Division and will now go forward to participate in their respective National Leagues and we wish them well. Only two clubs did not come to pick up their trophies (Ipswich and Shefford and Sandy) and they will receive their fines in due course. Thank you to all who attended and finally thank you to Letchworth Hockey Club for hosting the event.
Final Call - League League Entries for the 2017-18 season:
Chelmsford, Christchurch, Ely City, Gore Court, Harlow, Luton Town, Southend and Benfleet, Wellingborough and Witham. If you are a member of these clubs or are a friend of a member involved in these clubs please get in touch with senior members of the clubs please get in touch with them as these clubs are the last to have not entered any teams for the 2017-18 season. The deadline is 31st May (tomorrow!).
EWL Entries for the 2017-18 season:
Firstly thank you to the teams who have entered so far, to those who haven't as yet yes we realise there is a deadline, but, the sooner we get all entries in the sooner we can publish next seasons proposed Leagues. Less than a week to go to the closing date for clubs wanting to enter a team. The offending clubs are Ashford, Bedford, Bourne Deeping, Brentwood, Bromley & Beckenham, Cambridge City, Chelmsford, City of Peterborough, Ely City, Harleston Magpies, Haverhill Ladies, Huntingdon, March Town, Newmarket, Panthers, Sevenoaks, Skegness, Spilsby, Stevenage, Sudbury, Thurrock, Tunbridge Wells, Upminster, Wapping, Welwyn Garden City, Wisbech Town, Yarmouth
East Men's League - South-West quadrant:
We would just like to give early warning that there is likely to be some significant change in the mid to lower divisions of the SW quadrant. We are already aware of 3 clubs shrinking and possibly 2 clubs combining. We will seek to minimise disruption but give early warning that to maintain 12 team divisions there may be reduced relegations or increased promotions from certain divisions, using the word and spirit of the existing rules. Obviously we cannot provide full details until all League entries are in and we have published the League divisions but we thought it only fair to give early notice.
League Entries for the 2017-18 season:
The on-line entry system for the 2017-18 season is now open. All clubs intending to enter teams for the forthcoming season should do so by 31st May. To do so you need to click on the pre-season tab on the left hand side of this screen. Then click on the League a Entry Form tab. You will need your clubs password, then enter the number of Men's and Women's team you wish to enter. Where clubs teams have teams that are a combination numbered and named teams clubs should list their teams in strength order. Please remember the deadline is 31st May. After that time we cannot guarantee entry of any team and, where teams are granted entry the League Entry fee will increase by 50%.
Top Goal scorers:
In the EWL we have verified the current top goal scorer of a young lady from Leadenham with 38 goals, in the EML we have two big scoring claimants, both with 60+ goals (which we are checking as we speak. However if you think there is someone who has scored more please either let League Secretary Neil Liversedge or your respective League a Manager know by this Sunday.
Top Goal scorers:
In the EWL we have verified the current top goal scorer of a young lady from Leadenham with 38 goals, in the EML we have two big scoring claimants, both with 60+ goals (which we are checking as we speak. However if you think there is someone who has scored more please either let League Secretary Neil Liversedge or your respective League a Manager know by this Sunday.
Top Scorers:
We have had a claim of 68 goals in the EML and 35 in the EWL. Do you know of anyone who did better. Our last call from top scorers will be Sunday 30th April.
So who are the top goal scorers:
As part of the East League AGM and Presentation Day, which this year will be held on Sunday, 4th June at Letchworth Hockey Club, we recognise the top goalscorers in both the East Men's and East Women's Leagues. However we need to know who they are, so if your club knows that you have a guy who poached several goals a game by hanging around the far post or a lady who's stick was made of gold and everything she touched went in please do give their name to either East League Secretary Neil Liversedge or your League Manager. We will verify the claims and the winners will be announced at the AGM. In both the Men's and Women's we would love to hear from any club who know's they have someone who scored more than 35 goals.
East League Management Committee:
As you will be aware the East League Management Committee is made up of hockey people of various backgrounds, playing and officiating standards. Most importantly they are volunteers who allow more than 5000 people to play and enjoy League hockey each week during the League season. If you are able to spare a little time to help develop and take forwards our League we would love to hear from you. Similarly, if you do not like the way the League is run and want to help change what you see as the bad bits now is the time to step up to the plate. if you are interested please let League Chair, Rosemary Prince or League Secretary, Neil Liversedge know. Genuinely we would love to here from you!
Cups still outstanding:
Last night saw the last meeting of the East League Management Committee. It was reported by Kishor Shah that a disappointing number of trophies which were won by Divisional winners in the 2015-16 season had not been returned by the 31st March deadline. If you are one of these clubs and Kishor has not had your trophy then firstly arrange to get it returned and secondly expect a fine, as the Management Committee unanimously agreed that a fortnight has past since the deadline. Also a number of trophies were returned in a dirty state. Where this has occurred clubs should expect to receive a £20 fine. Just to be clear Kishor Shah's contact details are Kishor Shah 63 Burstellars, St Ives, Huntingdon, PE27 3YN. Tel01480 351685 (H) 07759 134524 (M) kishor.shah@ntlworld.com
Returning trophies:
As we start to approach the end of the season on the East League Management committee we start looking back to last season as we have to start to collect the trophies that were handed our to last years division winners. We know that Wapping will have to hire a secure van to return all the silverware they collected and they will all other clubs need to be aware that the trophies have to be returned by the end of this month. This year our committee member Kishor Shah has agreed to have the trophies sent to him, his address details are Kishor Shah 63 Burstellars, St Ives, Huntingdon, PE27 3YN. All trophies should first be located (remember who collected them last year), cleaned (any debris/alcohol/bodily parts removed), packaged and returned.
League Dates next season:
We can confirm that next season the dates where matches will be played will be 23/09/17 to 09/12/17. 06/01/18 to 10/02/18 and 24/02/18 to 16/03/18. ALL CLUBS SHOULD NOTE THAT 17/02/18 IS A LEAGUE SLIP DATE AND ALL TEAMS/PLAYERS SHOULD ASSUME THAT THEY WILL BE PLAYING ON THAT DATE! It was noted that slip dates for 2 weekends after the end of the season will have to be each side of Easter.
Lee Valley parking:
Please note Lee Valley operate a parking system and all players or supporters visiting should follow the instructions to avoid a parking fine. The system is not operated by Wapping Hockey Club. Please register your car registration details at the terminal at the Lee Valley reception desk. This will entitle you to 4 hours free parking. If you do not input your details or if you overstay your parking allocation you will receive a fine.
EML - Congratulations:
Last weekend witnessed the first promotions of the season with Ipswich 3, Felixstowe 3, St Ives 1, Horncastle 1, Spalding 4, Plashet 1, Tower Hamlets 1 and Cheshunt 1 all gaining enough points to ensure they are playing in a higher division next season. Well done to all
EWL Congratulations:
Congratulations to East London Ladies 1's for becoming the first team in the EWL to confirm their promotion. Elsewhere in the EWL there are going to be some exciting finishes to the season in the remaining games. Good luck to all involved.
Change of League Manager 3SW to 5SW:
All affected clubs have been made aware via direct email, however we have sad news that Nick Hoyle has had to resign his position of League Manager due to family commitments. Nick has been on the East League Committee for a number of years and is well liked by the teams and clubs he has managed in this time, by his simple and friendly approach. Richard Munns has agreed to take over Divisions 3 to 5 South West for the remainder of the season. Richards contact details have been sent to all clubs, or they are given in the League Committee members page on the tab on the left hand side of this page.
Slip Date Weekends:
Just a reminder that the slip date weekends at the very end of the season are 1st/2nd April and 8th/9th April. All postponed or abandoned game where an instruction has been given to replay the game must be played (at the very latest) by 9th April. Obviously if this needs to be re-assessed due to further bad weather we will communicate this to all clubs.
Transfer deadline :
If you are thinking of moving clubs, 31st January marks the deadline by which the transfer must be started. After that date no transfers will be allowed to be entered onto the transfer system.
Respect to umpires from both players and sidelines:
As this weekend is the first weekend where it seems we will probably get a full program of play tomorrow it is appropriate to issue a reminder to all clubs and players of their conduct towards umpires. Feedback from the ERHUA, County HUA's and club umpires is that dissent is at an all time high both from players and from the sidelines. Put simply this has got to stop. We all know that player within our team who from the first whistle chats to the umpire from the first whistle but we never tell them to be quiet and we all know that guy on the sidelines who think it is a bit of "banter" to shout the odd smart alec comment when a valid decision goes against our team. As we, including the umpires, are part of the hockey family it is time to bring this behaviour under control. We encourage all clubs to remind their players and supporters of their responsibility under the England Hockey Code of Conduct, and yes it applies to all players and all supporters both before, during and after the game. We can't play the game without umpires, they volunteer to give their time so that we can all play the game and we MUST give all umpires a positive level of support and encouragement.
Re-arranging postponed fixtures:
Was your game postponed last Saturday, if it was you need to remind your clubs fixture secretary that a date for the game to be replayed needs to be agreed within 14 days of the original fixture being postponed. This means both clubs need to communicate, agree the date and get the re-arranged date published on the League website (and if you have pool appointed umpires, make sure you tell them the new date!). As you are aware we are encouraging all clubs to use 18th Feb slip date. Some teams (about 20) had already agreed games on this date, so these clubs should use another date. We obviously do not know what weather is ahead of us, so please help everyone in the game by getting the already postponed game back in the diary.
Preparation for Cold Weather this weekend:
As the Country goes into panic mode with the threat of snow, we at the East League want to take a more simplistic view. The BBC website gives a yellow warning, which says there are chances of snow in the remainder of today and tomorrow. However temperatures at night are likely to be very cold, so it's more likely that pitches will be frozen than snow bound. Therefore it is really good practice for clubs to contact their opposition so that the home team can plan early pitch inspections, we realise that fixture secretaries are busy people so clubs should exchange captains contact details and we encourage every club to make a decision about whether games will be played well before your opposition (and umpires, if yours are pool appointed umpires) leave home. If the game is cancelled the home club should contact their opposition, their umpires and their League Manager. Where games are cancelled the first slip date on 18th February should be used (there are a small number (less than 10) already planned for that date), so the majority of clubs should use that date if required. As in previous years the February break is a slip date, and claims that games cannot be played due to player unavailability will probably be ignored and the clubs shall be instructed to use that date.
Confirming Pool Umpires:
Are you your clubs Umpire Liaison Officer or the man or lady responsible for confirming your teams Pool Appointed Umpires. We have been asked to remind you that if you are lucky enough to receive appointed umpires it is your job to confirm the final details of your home games by 9.00pm of the Tuesday prior to the match being played. A vast majority of clubs do, however there are a small number of clubs who do not and if you continue to try to confirm your umpires after the deadline you run the risk of the umpires being allocated to other games or the umpires deciding to do something else with their Saturday. It will be your job to explain to your players why their game is called off and, potentially, have to explain why your team has had League points deducted. You have been warned in the nicest possible way.
East Handbook:
The handbook is now being distributed, and the PDF version is now available via the link at the top of the page.
Men's League Results:
System now showing 24th September. Apologies for error.
Notice that all clubs have paid:
We have now received communication from all clubs who had outstanding League Entry fees and received assurances that payment has/or is in the process of being received. We would like to thank all clubs for their help.
Good luck to all:
So tomorrow the League season starts for a majority of our teams. We wish every team success and good luck, and hope that everyone involved enjoys their hockey. We would like to remind all players the spirit of fair play. There is a fair chance each team will not win every game, as far as we know no team will win £1 if they win, nor will any player lose their house if they lose. We play this sport as a hobby, as do your team mates, the opposing players, umpires, supporters and volunteers so go enjoy it and let all others enjoy it too.
Withdrawal of Ford HC:
It is with great sadness that the League Management Committee have received notice that Ford HC have had to withdraw from the East League for the coming season.
Pre-season Checklist.:
it's only 10 sleeps until the start of the new season. So, as a club have you completed all of your pre-season tasks.
Has your club paid the League Entry fee for all of your teams.
Have your captains notified the League Managers of their contact details.
Have you entered all of your home game start times and venues for all games up the Christmas break
Entered the details of all your club umpires onto the East website
If the answer is yes to all of these well done, but if the answer is no or don't know make sure you take action right now (don't leave it until the last moment.
Oh........ and lastly if your teams receive umpires from the ERHUA or the County HUA pools don't forget to confirm game start times and venues directly with the umpires by The Tuesday night deadlines.
Oh and p.s make sure you print out loads of teamsheets
League fixtures for the new season:
League fixtures for 2016-17 season are now fully uploaded and are seen as final. Clubs are now asked to ensure that there home venues/times are now loaded for all games prior to Christmas.
League fee invoices:
Now available via the Preseason page.
East Handbook Club Section:
The Club Section has been created from the Club database as at 3pm 15th July. If you make any significant changes in the database after this, please advise the east webmaster. However, once the Editor has set the copy, no further changes will be possible.
Final League Divisions for 2016-17 season:
Following the publishing of the proposed League Divisions the final Leagues have been published. We thank all clubs for their questions, comments and requests. Where clubs have issued requests or comments regarding team placements we have helped where we can, but we cannot provide a wider solution to some clubs individual requests. We now need to crack on with finalising the fixtures, which for 40 League Divisions, most with 22 fixtures per team per division is no small job. We hope to have them finished and loaded onto the website over the next week.
Club information updates:
Just three clubs missed the deadline. Many thanks to all the others for providing prompt updates - much appreciated.
Club updates:
East League Clubs are reminded that they must update their officer details on this website before the end of June. The following clubs are yet to do this, and they need to act now to avoid a 50% increase in their league fees:
Ford, Maldon, North Norfolk.
Divisions 2016-17:
Assignments of teams to divisions for the new season are now available as a spreadsheet - follow the link at the top of the Preseason page. Clubs are asked that any comments or questions are submitted by the last day of June. After that time the proposed Leagues will be seen as final and we will start the biggest job of preparing the fixtures.
East Handbook cover:
With the new season rapidly approaching it's time to submit your photo of the season. The handbook front page is the much coveted chance for your hockey playing skills to be shared with all of the East. So please send your submission for this season's handbook to Edward.stubbing@gmail.com
East League AGM and Presentation Day:
The AGM and Presentation Day was held yesterday on a sunny day in Letchworth. The League Management Committee would like to thank everyone. During the AGM there was interesting debate and showed both how interested member clubs are in their League and how democratic the East League is. The one sad part was that some member clubs sent their representatives along without details of the rule changes, which means the club members could not fully express their clubs views. The Presentation Day part again was a huge success with winning League teams receiving their trophies from East Region President Peter Leaton. It was a shame that Norwich City did not send any representative to collect their trophies and unfortunately, in line with East League rules, they will receive a fine. All in all a good day, we've not had many AGM's where people have thanked the committee members for an exciting day.
East League AGM and Presentation Day:
The AGM and Presentation Day was held yesterday on a sunny day in Letchworth. The League Management Committee would like to thank everyone. During the AGM there was interesting debate and showed both how interested member clubs are in their League and how democratic the East League is. The one sad part was that some member clubs sent their representatives along without details of the rule changes, which means the club members could not fully express their clubs views. The Presentation Day part again was a huge success with winning League teams receiving their trophies from East Region President Peter Leaton. It was a shame that Norwich City did not send any representative to collect their trophies and unfortunately, in line with East League rules, they will receive a fine. All in all a good day, we've not had many AGM's where people have thanked the committee members for an exciting day.
East League Fee's - Do not pay yet:
We have already received East League fee's from 2 clubs (Basildon and Skegness). While this fantastically organised approach is appreciated we ask that no other clubs send their money in for now. We will notify all clubs when the invoices for next season are available for download, printing and payment. We expect that will be in July/August. Prior to that the East League Management committee need to focus on the AGM and Presentation Day, which takes place this Sunday at Letchworth Hockey Club, starting at 2pm, then getting the proposed League Divisions and fixtures for next season together.
League dates 2016-2017 season:
Sorry, we thought we had published these dates already. The dates for the 2016-17 season will be 17/09/16 to 03/12/16. Then 14/01/17 to 11/02/17 and the concluding weeks 25/02/17 to 25/03/17. The first part of the season will comprise of 12 weeks and the early finish in December will allow as many clubs as possible to take part in indoor competition, catch up on any postponed games and allow important club development work to take part in a happy time of year. The second part of the season comprises of 10 weeks, with a slip weekend on 18/02/16. This date should be seen as the first available slip date for the second half of the season and clubs should inform their players that there should be an expectation to play on this date.
East League Entry 2016/17 season:
With just a week to go before the deadline for entries to the East a League for the 2016/7 season, only 35 Men's and 25 Women's Clubs have entered their teams into the League, this is despite the note posted on this website a month a go. Clubs are reminded that League entry fee's increase by 50% if clubs enter there teams late, and clubs should be of mind that there is only a small window after the deadline before the League Management Committee have to finalise the proposed League tables. If you are reading this and are unsure if your club has entered please contact the people listed as Hon Sec, MLO or WLO for their club in the club search area of this website
Hanbook survey results:
Clubs were asked if a downloadable pdf file could be a replacement for hard copies of the handbook. Of the 83 clubs that replied, preferences were: 64 pdf file only, 8 pdf plus a few hard copies, and 11 hard copies only. The Handbook Editor will therefore provide both versions, and clubs that so requested will continue to receive hard copies, whilst the pdf will be downloadable from this website for local reference, partial printing, or embedding in a club website.
It would be appreciated if the 70 or so clubs that have not so far indicated a preference would do so by emailing the webmaster now to say if they would be happy with a pdf instead of hard copies.
For clarity, the Club Section of the handbook and the circulation list are output from the website Clubsearch database and supplied by the webmaster to the Handbook Editor for inclusion in the new edition.
Team entries for next season:
All East League clubs must provide details of the number of men's and women's teams they wish to enter in the leagues next season. This must be done by the end of May. A link to the entry form will be found at the top of the Preseason page.
Top scorers - update!:

The EML current best bid is currently 39 goals.
The EWL current highest is 37 goals.
Let your league manager know ASAP if you think you got more!
Top Goal-Scorer:
So who was the hottest sharp shooter in the East League, we want to know as there is a top goal-scorer award in both the EML and EWL. So if you know someone in your club who has scored ALOT of goals please let Nick Hoyle know. We're already aware of a chap who notched 30 goals in the EML and a young lady who scored a net busting 35 goals, but are they the highest of the season. Nicks email address is nick-hoyle@hotmail.co.uk and he needs to know by the end of April so that the claims can be verified. The award winners will be asked to come and collect their trophy at the Annual Presentation Day on Sunday 5th June.
East League Rule changes for 2016-17 season and League entry:
The entry system to the East League for the 2016-17 season will shortly open and also Club's will shortly receive their invitation to the East League AGM, which will be held at Letchworth Hockey Club on Sunday, 5th June starting 2.00 and after a short break the East League Presentation Awards ceremony will take place.
This season is the worst the East League Management Committee has had in regard to complaints regarding players doubling up/playing down and queries about bench players from teams in the higher reaches of the League strengthening teams, so much so that we give advance notice that we are proposing that the rules in this regard are tightened up.
Before the rules come into it we need clubs to be realistic about the number of teams they enter into the League. All clubs should have enough players for all teams to play, and the players only play once, so please have a look at your playing numbers and ask the question "Have we got enough players to be able to fulfil our fixture?"
We accept there will be times when there is player unavailability due to work commitments, injuries, etc, but covering those players with people who have already played should be the exception, not the norm.
We are also proposing to change rules that puts the limit on bench players playing down, this takes into consideration the more modern game, where a team is now is not 11 players and a number of subs, but a squad that it completely interactive.
We hope the rule will still leave flexibility where a player is returning from injury or loss of form or is only available to play at a certain place and certain time but for the benefit of all teams entered into the League we must have an improved season next season in regard to this type of complaint. We left the rules in as flexible state as we could to allow clubs to self-police, but we have seen examples where clubs have walked straight through that flexibility.
Return of East League Trophies:
This note goes out to all those clubs and teams who were lucky enough to win their League Division last season and collected their trophy at the East League Presentation Day at Letchworth last June. It is now that time of year when the trophy needs to be returned, the deadline being 31st March. Below are the easy steps you need to follow: 1) Locate the trophy 2)Clean the trophy 3) Wrap it safely and securely 4) Return it to Nick Hoyle at 28 Valeside, Hertford, SG14 2AS. If you decide to save money on postage and decide to return it to Nick in person he will be delighted to see you, but please contact him first to make sure he is home and fully clothed (see Contacts and Links for phone/email) 5) Your deadline is 31st March, remember if you miss this deadline there is a £50 fine. If you are reading this and you know your club won a trophy last year, make sure you begin the discussion within the club as to who is going to return it and how
East League Champions:
Congratulations to both West Herts Ladies 1st X1 and Wapping 1st X1 who have worked their way through the season successfully to become champions of the East Women's League and the East League Men's League. They will now go forwards to participate in the National League. On behalf of all who participate in the East League congratulations.
East League Teams in EH Competitions:
There are exciting times in clubs around the East. As each of the Men's and Ladies major competitions come toward their conclusion in both the Men's Cup and Trophy and the Women's Cup and Trophy we are guaranteed to have East League clubs participating in the Semi Finals. In the Men's Cup City of Peterborough are shining their light in qualifying for the semi-final, where they will meet the might of Beeston. The semi will be played at their Bretton Gate ground on 20th March. Holcombe Ladies 1st X1 have also qualified for the Ladies Cup semi-final. They have been drawn away to Clifton, with the game being played on 13th March. In the Men's Trophy Norwich City 1 and Bourne/Deeping 1 both meet to guarantee that an East League side will participate in the semi-final and in the Women's Trophy Bishop Stortford 1 and Wisbech 1 meet to decide who will play against Cheshire club Alderley Edge in the semi-final. We wish all clubs the very best of luck.
Result reporting:
Just a reminder to all clubs, it is the 2nd week of online reporting and a new raft of home clubs. Just a reminder that all results in the East Men's League should be reported by 7pm,after this time you will have to phone your League Manager. Also any results from re-arranged games will have to be phoned through to your League Manager.
Congratulations in the EML:
As the season comes close to the last bend before the final straight of the season we would like to congratulation the following clubs who have either already been promoted or are already Champions of their Division in the East Men's League. Already crowned as Champions are Letchworth 1 in Prem B, St Neots 2 in 5NW, Harlow 1 in 6SE, West Herts 4 in 5SW. Congratulations also to Ipswich and East Suffolk 3 and Bury St Edmunds 2 in 4NE, Bury St Edmunds 5 in 6NE, Sudbury 4 and Ipswich and East Suffolk 6 in 7NE, Wapping 9 in 8SE and Stevenage 3 in 6SW on their promotions. Well done to all.
EML Results Reporting:
Just a reminder that on-line reporting of results start today. All clubs have been sent their instructions, if you are a captain and haven't received them please contact the people listed as either Hon Sec or MLO using the clubsearch facility on this website, The instructions were sent last Monday (01 Feb). If you experience any difficulties at all please contact your League Manager. Also please remember for ANY re-arranged game you must phone your result through to your League Manager.
31st January - Transfer deadline day:
Just a reminder to all 31st January is the deadline day for starting transfers. After this date no new transfers will be allowed to be started on the transfer system and only in exceptional circumstances will any transfer be granted at all. So if you're thinking of signing a new player or if you're a player thinking of migrating you've not got much time left to do it this season!
Change in Result Reporting - EML:
On Saturday, 6th February we are going to change the way results are reported in the East Men's League, expanding the trial that teams in EML 4SW and all EWL teams have been undertaking for sometime. All home teams in all divisions will be required to self input their results directly onto the website. During the trial all EML teams will be required to input the results by 7pm. In a he next few days each club will receive the instructions on how to input the results onto the site. It is very much important that all clubs review their captains contact information with a their League Manager and think about how the results will get reported should if the captain is not around. If any club has not received their entry instructions by Wednesday 3rd February they should contact East League Secretary, Neil Liversedge or any of my heir League Managers.
Consider your opposition:
With freezing temperatures forecast tonight we ask all clubs with teams playing at home to be considerate of your opponents, especially if you have an early start. We encourage all clubs to ensure pitch inspections are planned early enough to stop any away team having to make an unnecessary journey if your pitch is frozen.
East Handbook:
We are considering publishing the East Handbook as a pdf file next season. If you currently have a hard copy of the current handbook would you be happy with a pdf instead? If you do not have a copy of the Handbook, would you like to have a downloadable pdf at your disposal? Guidance from you on the viability of this option would be most appreciated. Please respond to the webmaster using the link at the top of the page.
jbkg v:
Post Match Hospitality:
Following a couple of recent incidents the League Committee would like to remind all clubs of Rule 4.10. It states that where clubs are not intending to stay for teas they must notify the home club at least 48 hours prior to the game. No club likes to waste money and we would like to think that clubs would work together to ensure that home clubs are not placed in a position where they have to. We ask all clubs to look inside their own procedures so that teams think about whether they will be staying for teas well in advance of a game taking place, and if not let the home club know!
Re-arranged games:
With a smallnumber of games either abandoned or postponed last weekend due to the wind and rain, this post is just a reminder to all clubs that the administrative process of getting games re-arranged should take place within 14 days of the originally postponed game, this means that both clubs must agree a date, time and venue. Also for games postponed in the first half of the season a reminder that all games should be played by the 2nd Sunday after the start of the 2nd half of the season (which the League Management Committe view as the 17th January). obviously we would prefer all games to be played as soon as possible using either the next free Saturday or, if necessary Sunday, to get the games played.
Start times and venues for the 2nd half of the season:
This is a reminder to all clubs that venues and times for all games in the 2nd half of the season should be input onto the venues and times page by the end of November. This deadline is set to allow all clubs time to notify their team players where they need to be available and when and allow both the ERHUA and CHUA's to start to allocate their umpiring appointments for the remainder of the season.
Bishop Stortford 5th X1 and 6th X1:
Due to a migration of players away from the club Bishop Stortford have had to withdraw their Men's 5th X1 from Division 6SW of the EML. As a result, under League Rules they have also had to withdraw their 6th X1 (who are their development team) from Div 8SW. Bishop Stortford will be contacting the teams in 8SW so that the existing scheduled games can be re-arranged as friendlies and the League Management committee encourage the teams and clubs involved to do so.
Results Reporting in East Men's Prem A, Prem B and Div 1:
Results co-ordinator Richard Munns will be unavailable for the next 3 Saturday's (17th Oct, 24th Oct and 31st Oct). Therefore teams in East Men's Premier A and B should ring their results through to their League Manager, Russell Nutter. Teams in Division 1 should phone their results through to Pritpal Sagoo, who is their League Manager.
Saffron Walden 8:
The League Committee have been notified that, with regret, Saffron Walden 8 will have to withdraw from EML 9SE, due to a shortage of players.
League results:
System now functional, including mobile friendly version for results, tables, and times & venues. Please report any residual issues direct to webmaster.
Recording of Results:
With just 5 days to go until the East League kick off a question you might want to ask is do my club captains know what they have to do in regard to recording results and sending their teamsheets in. If the answer is yes that's great. If the answer is no we ask all clubs to encourage their captains/vice captains/coaches/managers, in fact all players to get to know East League Rules 4.5.1, 4.5.2 and 4.5.3. This tells you simply and easily what you need to do, when and how. If you're reading this and are not sure your team's officials know what they have to do get them to swat up on these rules right away.
League Entry Fee's:
Up to 17.00 this evening League Entry fees are still outstanding from the following clubs: Ashford, BBHC, Berkhamsted, Bromley and Beckenham, Cambridge University, Ely City, Haverhill, Horncastle, Ipswich, Lindum HC, MBDA, Old Southendian, Romford, Skegness, Spilsby, St Neots, University of East Anglia (Men) and Welwyn Garden City. Payment has to be received before the start of the season (19th September). East League Rule 2.3 which describes that the League Entry fee will increase 50% and all fixtures played until payment is received shall be forfeit 5-0 we hope will focus the minds of the outstanding clubs. The news item dated 16th July describes the process you need to follow to download the invoice then all you have to do is pay by the deadline. If any clubs have any doubt about what to do they should contact League Budget Officer, Andy Barlow. His contact details are displayed in the League Management Committee's Officers list, to the left of the page.
ERHUA and CHUA Pool Appointed Umpires:
A reminder to all clubs with teams who are lucky enough to receive pool appointed umpires that you must ensure that the appointed umpires are contacted by 9.00 of the Tuesday prior to the game taking place to let them know the venue/time and share other important information. We realise that coming into the season some jobs/tasks take some remembering, but this is one task that clubs need to get right before the first game, as obviously you can't play a match if your umpire does not arrive at the game.
Have you sent your League Manager's your captains details:
All clubs should remember that you need to send details of your teams captains and vice captains to your League Managers before the start of the season. For each team your League Manager will need the name, telephone number(s), address and email address of the captain and vice captain. The top tip is to list your club captains details on one email and send that through to each League Manager your club deals with. The contact details of all Leage Managers, which Leagues they look after and their contact details are shown on the League Management Committee tab shown on this page.
Change to League Managers for EML Div 6 and 7SE:
Just a quick note to say that there has been a change in the people who will be managing Divisions 6 and 7 South-East of the East Men's League. Henry Wanchoo has agreed to manage 6SE, so in total he will manage Div 3-6SE and Chris Perry has agreed to manage 7SE, this means he will be managing 7-9SE. Chris will also continue to look after Div 9SW.
Changes to the League Managers in EWL:
With the restructure of Divisions 3 and 4 in the North West quadrant we are pleased to announce that Kishor Shah will manage Divisions 3NW and 4NWS, Christina Dewing will manage Division 4NWN. Their contact details can be found on the Management Committee tab of this page. Just look to the left of the screen and you'll see the tab.
Match Start Times:
We have been asked to draw clubs attention to East League Rule 4.3.2 with a reminder in Div 2 and above in both the EML and EWL matches must have a starting time 11am-4pm in Sept, Oct, Feb, Mar, and Apr and 11am-3pm in Nov, Dec, and Jan. For other divisions start times must be 10.00am-5pm. Where clubs have a particular problem with pitch availability a League Manager may allow a variation outside of these times, however for a League Manager to do so it must be demonstrated that both clubs agree to the variation, where umpires are appointed by a CHUA that umpires are available for an alternative time and adequate thought has been given to the travelling time of the opposition and that communication channels have been established so that if there is a problem on the day (like bad weather) all parties can easily be contacted to avoid unnecessary journey's being made. Any clubs who have already scheduled times outside of these times should be putting arrangements in place as above and should not be offended if their opposing club decline a time which has not been agreed either by the club or the League Manager.
The season is almost here - have you paid to enter the League and loaded the fixtures:
Alas the summer nights are drawing in, you need a sweater (and probably an umbrella) when attending a friends BBQ and our thoughts turn to our favourite pursuit in autumn and winter....... yes hockey season is almost here. Over the next week or so we will be posting friendly reminders on here of things that need to be completed by member clubs. The key message on this reminder is to ask clubs have you paid your League Entry fee yet and have you posted the details of your pre-Christmas games to the venues/times page of this website. About 50% of the clubs have still to pay their entry fee (the deadline for this is 18th September) and about 22 clubs in the EML and 10 clubs in the EWL have yet to post the venues/times for some or all of their teams (the deadline for this has passed). So please, please, please start to have a conversation within your clubs to ensure these tasks take a priority.
League Fixtures - Live and Final:
All queries regarding fixtures for the 2015-16 season have been heard and problems solved or solutions to problems agreed. That means we have great pleasure in confirming the fixtures as final and live. I encourage all members of all clubs to give their Club Fixture Secretary's support as they enter their busiest time of the year.
League Fixtures -Update:
The draft league fixtures for the 2015-16 season have been uploaded and are available for view and comment. We invite any questions, comments or the pointing out of errors and we ask that these are received by 2nd August. All fixtures should be considered to be in draft until this time because if errors are found some fixtures may be changed.
Updating Umpire Details:
Would all clubs please note, following agreement at the East League AGM each East League club will have to update their qualified club umpire details. Having carried out an audit of the lists we found that many clubs had updated their lists, but had not deleted old members who had either left their club, stopped umpiring, had retired or, in one case, had died. Therefore on the League web homepage please click on the update club umpires tab, enter your clubs password and input your umpires details (which will need to include their new England Hockey registration number). If you require the new registration number than you we suggest that you send an email containing your list of umpires to umpiring@englandhockey.co.uk who will provide you with the correct details. All club umpires lists need to be updated by the start of the season and if you think you have already done this BUT provided old registration details you will need to edit the list to show the new details.
East League Invoices:
Invoices for the Payment of East League fees are now available for download, so that clubs can then pay their entry fee. To do this head to the "Pre-season Action tab" on the East League homepage. Click on the League Invoice tab and follow the instructions on screen. Payment is due before 19th September, which is the start of the East League season. We do, however, encourage all clubs to pay their League entry fee well before the deadline, as clubs should not rely on any late reminders.
Proposed League Divisions finalised:
The deadline for giving comments regarding the proposed league divisions has now passed. Where clubs have made a request for change these may or may not have been implemented after due consideration. We now have the task of building the fixture lists for next season, which I am sure you will understand is no small task for 45+ League Divisions. Once we have done this the fixtures will be released for a few days for comment and then the fixtures will be released as final, so that clubs can start to talk to one another about game venues and times.
Proposed League Divisions for the 2015/16 season:
The proposed League Divisions for next season were first shown at yesterdays AGM and are now available for all clubs to view. To do so go to the East League homepage (if you are reading this you're on it!) and look at the Downloads tab on the left hand side of the page. There is a different tab for both the Men and Women's Leagues. If clubs have any questions, requests or comments please make sure that they are sent to Neil Liversedge, East League Secretary or Richard Munns, East League Fixtures Co-ordinator, by 18th June.
Club Contact Information:
A reminder to clubs, as per East League Rule 2.2 all clubs must update their club details on the East League website by 30th June. The process is really simple. Firstly go to the League Home Page, then click on the Pre Season Action Tab. You will see the 3rd paragraph is labelled Ensure your club page is up to date. Click on the click contained within the paragraph, then enter your club password and then follow the instructions. Please not that with some older versions of Internet Explorer, we have been told some clubs have difficulty accessing the pre-season actions page. If you do please try an ipad/tablet, internet enabled phone or a more up to date version of windows explorer.
Successful East League AGM and Presentation Day:
A massive thank you to everyone who attended today. Thank you also to Letchworth Hockey Club for hosting the event again. The AGM went very smoothly and all teams winning their division received their trophies from ERHA President Daphne Manear with the exception of UEA Men and Horncastle HC, who despite receiving the same invitation as other clubs and the same reminders as other clubs did not attend. It goes without saying that they will be in receipt of their fine within the next 24 hours.
East League Entries:
Tomorrow is the final deadline for entries to both the EML and EWL. In the EML Felixstowe, Ford, North Norfolk, Old De Ferrians, Old Southendians and Wapping have not entered any teams as yet. In the EWL, where we are using on-line entry for the first time we are still waiting for Ashford, BBHC, Burnt Ash, North Norfolk and Wapping. If you are a member of these clubs reading this please note that notification emails were written directly to your clubs on 23rd April, a reminder was posted on this website the same day. So there has been plenty of time to avoid this late reminder.
East League Entries 2015-16 season:
With just over 2 weeks to go until the closing date for entries of teams into the League next season there are still 40 clubs in the EML and 32 in the EWL still left to enter. Within your club committees start to ask who has carried out the League entry. If no-one knows the answer chances are it hasn't been carried out and you will need to arrange for it to happen. Last season the following clubs still had not entered into the EML until the last minute and we hope that they will not need a last minute reminder this season:- Berkhamsted, Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge City, Louth, Old de Ferrians, Old Southendian, Southend and University of Essex.
Hockey for Heroes:
The Tour reaches Hertford HC on May 25th and will play a Herts U21 side and teams from Hertford, Stevenage, and Broxbourne. All are welcome to support this amazing challenge. Details of the day are availble on the Hertford website.
Final Call for Top Scorers:
Just a final call to all clubs, if you know someone in the EML who has scored more than 64 goals this season please do let us know or if there is a lady in the EWL who has scored more than 35 goals again please do let us know. If you feel you have a claim please contact your League Manager or East League Secretary Neil Liversedge by 30th April.
Club Entries for 2015-16 season:
Club Secretary's of clubs across the East have been sent emails notifying them that the on-line entry system for teams to participate in the 2015-16 season are now open. The deadline for entries is 31st May. Please make sure that within your club the discussion takes place so entry occurs by the deadline. If it doesn't there is either a fine or the risk that your teams will not be entered at all! The process to follow is: - Go to the East League home page - click on the pre-season action tab on the left hand side - click on the League Entry tab at the top of the screen. - at this point you will need your clubs web password for the East League website - enter your password - enter the number of teams you wish to enter - remember where you have teams with numbers and names you will be required to place your teams in order of strength (also remember that you are doing this for your club, the League cannot be held responsible if you get this bit wrong!!!) This season you will notice that entry to Women's teams is also going to be carried out on-line, so if you have teams that play in the East League please place their entry on line too
League Website:
There has been a small revamp of the East League webpage, which we hope you like. Please feel free to have a look and feedback any comments you may have either to the East League Sec Neil Liversedge or email the webmaster (there is a link at the top of the page). Some of the wording on some of the tabs has been tidied up but basically everything else is more or less the same! Anyone using an old link to the League Home page will be automatically directed to the new page. The links to fixtures/venues, etc are largely unchanged.
Top Goalscorer's:
We have received our opening bids for top goalscorer. 64 in the East Men's League and 35 in the East Women's League. One of those being put forwards has been a very successful poacher for over 25 years and has been knocking on the door of top scorer for years, so the question is do you know anyone who has scored more???
New Rules for 2015-16 season:
New Rules 2014-15 29/03/2015: After consultation, EH has decided that all of the new Rules are to be introduced throughout the game 1st July 2015, except that the new rule that relate to the ‘green card’ and to the ‘use of the stick above the shoulder’ are not introduced in small sided junior hockey (specifically In2Hockey and Quicksticks). Whilst the new Rules will be introduced formally on 1st July, they can be used immediately in any non formal competition wherever all the participants (including umpires) agree. For further information, see the news item on the EH website or please contact richard.glynne-jones@englandhockey.co.uk
Congratulations to EML and EWL Champions:
Congratulations to Harleston Magpies 1st X1 on winning the East Men's League Premier A division and Cambridge City 1 on winning the EWL Premier Division. Both teams will now go forwards to the National League Divisions and we wish them well.
Top Man and Lady goal scorers:
As you will remember, each year we recognise the top goal scorers in both the East Men's and East Women's League, so if you think you have someone in your club who scored plenty of goals either from brilliance or because they are quite good at short corners or they are always there to tap in please do let Neil Liversedge, the East League Secretary know by email (n.liversedge1@btinternet.com). Last years Male top scorer scored over 50 goals and the Lady top scorer over 30 so please let us know who your sharp shooter nominations are.
Last Call for Trophies:
Here is a reminder for all League Division winners. Can you please ensure that the trophies presented to you at last seasons League AGM and Presentation Day are returned by the 31st March deadline. The news item below gives you the instructions to follow.
Return of Division Winners trophies:
This note goes out to all those clubs and teams who were lucky enough to win their League Division last season and collected their trophy at the East League Presentation Day at Letchworth last June. It is now that time of year when the trophy needs to be returned, the deadline being 31st March. Below are the easy steps you need to follow: 1) Locate the trophy 2)Clean the trophy 3) Wrap it safely and securely 4) Return it to Nick Hoyle at 28 Valeside, Hertford, SG14 2AS. If you decide to save money on postage and decide to return it to Nick in person he will be delighted to see you, but please contact him first (see Contacts and Links for phone/email) 5) Your deadline is 31st March, remember if you miss this deadline there is a £50 fine. If you are reading this and you know your club won a trophy last year, make sure you begin the discussion within the club as to who is going to return it and how.
Proposed dates for next season:
Planning for the 2015-16 season have started. Next season Easter falls terribly early, therefore in trying to achieve the usual aim of completing the season prior to Easter the proposed dates are 19th September through to 5th December, then 9th January through to 19th March with a break on 20th February. Unfortunately slip dates for the second half of the season will have to be dated after the Easter holiday. The dates proposed will give clubs the added flexibility for both their senior and junior club members to take part in indoor hockey as well. If you have any questions or comments please feed them back to Neil Liversedge as soon as you can please.
Transfer deadline is 31st January:
Just a note to all that the transfer deadline is the 31st January, so if you are thinking of moving to another club the transfer must be started using the online process before this date. Can we also ask that before a club starts or agrees to a transfer request you make sure that you are following the rules that guide the transfer process correctly and if you are concerned/confused about any point in the transfer process you contact either Neil Liversedge, as East League Secretary or your relevant League Manager for advice. We have had a couple of occasions this month where we have had to act pro-actively to stop transfers that were outside of the rules. Had we not done so the clubs concerned may have received penalty for playing an inelligible player.
Weather disruption:
With games being possibly disrupted due to poor weather we ask that all clubs offer a common sense approach with each other. We ask that clubs get in contact with each other, so that home clubs know what time their opponents departure time is thereby allowing a pitch inspection and decision on whether the game should be played in advance of the away team leaving, saving unnecessary journey's. We also ask away teams ensure that home teams are provided with the name and telephone number of the most relevant contact (i.e. someone who will be available to receive a call). We had hoped this approach would have been common sense, but in recent weeks it appears in some cases common sense might have been left in the bottom of a kit bag along with dirty kit.
EML Results co-ordinator on holiday:
This message applies only to the teams competing in EML Premier A, B and 1 Divisions. For weekends 14th and 21st February only, results co-ordinator Richard Munns will be away on holiday. For these weekends captains should report their results via telephone directly to their League Managers Russell Nutter (Prem A and B) or Pritpal Sagoo (Div 1).
Re-arranged games from 17th January:
Hi firstly Happy New Year and welcome back!!! This Saturday saw a return to action for some teams, with others lost to the weather. Can we please request all teams involved in games lost to the weather this weekend to try to reschedule the cancelled games to the February break (Sat 21st February) wherever possible. The forecast for most of this week is not good and obviously we want to avoid a large backlog of fixtures towards the back end of the season, so your help and assistance would be most beneficial to all parties.
It's Christmas:
It now seems a long time since the season started in September, but we have made it through to the festive break. May we offer you all a Happy Christmas, we hope you enjoy the festive break with your friends and families.
Withdrawal of Ely 4th X1:
Unfortunately Ely 4th X1 have had to withdraw from Div 6NWS for the remainder of the season.
Happy Christmas from Wapping HC:
If you are fed up already of the John Lewis Christmas advert, Wapping HC have produced a short ditty. If you have a moment have a look at this epic http://youtu.be/CvXLxcITJ80
Games cancelled due to bad weather:
Just a reminder to all club fixture secretary's and team captains. Last weekend several games were cancelled due to pitches being frozen and looking out of the window today it seems likely there will again be games that are victims to the weather. Below are the words from the rules about what we expect from clubs in getting the games re-arranged: 4.3.1 Dates and Slip Dates Any games postposed, for any reason during the first half of the season (September to December), must be played by the second Sunday after the start of the second half of the season. This season this date is Sunday 25th January. Please make sure that any postponed games are re-arranged by this date. Obviously our season goes through to the end of March and we do not what weather is ahead of us, so it is important to ensure we get these games re-arranged as soon as possible.
If matches were postponed today:
Just a reminder to all team captains that if your game was postponed today because a pitch was unfit you still need to let your League Manager know. All of our League Managers have many combined talents, however none are telepathic, so if your game was off, if you don't tell them they will never know!
Reminder of East League Rule 3.4:
Just a small reminder to all clubs that if a team within your club is not involved in a match, the Club shall select its East League teams as if all teams were in fact playing, and shall not unfairly strengthen lower sides by including players from the squad of a higher team without a match. So if you have a higher team in your club without a game, either because there is a gap in their fixture list or because a game is postponed due to bad weather, you should not select any of those players in a lower team.
East London 8th X1:
For information to teams in 9SE please note that the East London 8th X1 is their development squad and have renamed themselves the East London Sparrowhawks. The club has been advised that League Fixtures, Results Pages or League tables will not be changed this season and we have advised the club to ensure that they refer to the 8th X1 in any correspondence with fellow clubs.
East League Rule 7.4:
We have been notified by a club that East League Rule 7.4 (Appeals) and the associated process is missing from the East League handbook. The rule does still exist and is alive and well in the online version of the rules.
University of Essex 2nd X1:
It is with regret that University of Essex 2nd X1 have withdrawn from the League.
Club umpire lists:
Due to a technical problem, some umpire additions and updates made in Sept and Oct may have reverted to previous values. Please check your league umpire page and re-enter if necessary. In the event that you made a lot of changes, please advise the webmaster who may be able to help. Apologies to any affected club.
East Point Academy pitch in Lowestoft:
We have been informed by Lowestoft Railway HC asking us to inform opposing teams that currently there are no provisions/dug outs available for protecting kit outside from wet weather. We will place a further news item once the situation has been corrected/rectified.
Upminster 6 withdraw from EML 9SE:
We have received notice from Upminster in regard to withdrawing their 6th X1 from EML 9SE. The club will be in direct contact with each of their opposing teams. We hope to see the team bounce back into action soon.
East League Secretary on Holiday:
Neil Liversedge will be taking a short holiday from Monday 3rd November until Friday 7th November. Any urgent league business should be direcfted towards League Chairman Rosemary Prince, any non-urgent items will be dealt with on Neils return.
Club Match Reports and Social media:
Club officials and administrators are reminded that both their teams and individual players must abide by the intended spirit of how the game should be played, ensuring that players, officials and spectators treat their opponents and umpires with respect before, during and after matches in line with the EH COde of Conduct and Behaviour standards. Clubs and/or individual members should be reminded not put disparaging remarks about leagues or opponents in press reports and/or on social media or the internet. Where complaints are received clubs open themselves up being investigated both under the EH Code of Conduct procedure, as well as by the League under Rule 7. Please be assured that complaints are proved to be true the League WILL apply severe penalties in cases of umpire abuse.
Withdrawal of Cambridge South 5th X1:
We have been notified that unfortunately Cambridge South 5th X1 will have to withdraw from Div 6NWS.
Postponements for Indoor hockey:
Clubs needing a postponement of league games on indoor dates are reminded that the deadline for requesting these postponements is looming, the deadline date is 31st October. So far very few requests have been received and it is clubs responsibility to ensure that the postponement is agreed.
EML Results co-ordinator on holiday:
EML Premier A and B and Division 1 teams should note that results co-ordinator will be away on holiday on the weekends of 25th October and 1st November. For these weekends only teams are asked to phone their results through to their League Manager (for Prem A and B Russell Nutter, Div 1 Pritpal Sagoo).
Sad day for Ramgarhia:
We have received the news today that Ramgarhia will be withdrawing from EML Premier B division. The club joined the League 24 years ago and were elated to be promoted to EML Premier A two seasons a go. Unfortunately over the past 12 months players have moved elsewhere and this season the club were only able to enter 1 team this season and have found raising a team impossible. We hope that all remaining players will be able to find new clubs and find enjoyment from our sport elsewhere and our thoughts go out to Hardev Sira who has been a stalwart administrator at the club for many a year.
Bedford 5's withdraw from Division 8SW:
Unfortunately due to lack of player availability Bedford have decided to withdraw their 5th X1 from EML Division 8SW. I am sure all clubs will look forward to welcoming Bedford 5th X1 back into the League in the near future.
Technical Red Card:
As clubs will be aware there was a proposal to implement Technical Red Cards into games officiated by ERHUA appointed umpires (e.g. EML Prem A and B Divisions and EWL Premier Division). Unfortunately our proposal was not authorised by the England Hockey Board and therefore the proposal was withdrawn. Therefore for the 2014-15 season there are NO technical red cards in the East Hockey League, therefore everyone will just have to play nicely.
Less than 48 hours to the big push back!!!!:
There are less than 2 days until the start of the new season. Make sure you look at the pre-season link on the right hand side of this page to ensure that you have done everything you have needed to before Saturday. Captains and vice-captains have you informed your League Managers of your contact details, printed your teamsheets, got the telephone number of your League Manager programmed into the phone? Read the rules of what you need to do with your teamsheets and have you memorised the deadlines. If you haven't take the time between now and then to get up to speed.
Change to League Manager contact details:
Since the publishing of the East Handbook, there have been some changes to League Manager contact details. In the EML: For Div 8 and 9SE and 9SW, Chris Perry has changed address, he now lives at 9 Kessingland Avenue, Stevenage, SG1 2JR and only his mobile number of 07979 693518 should be used. For Div 3 and 4NE, David Burt has changed addresses and now lives at 101 Mill Lane, Sawston, CB22 3HY and should only be contacted on his mobile number 07881 815567. For Div 5, 6 and 7NE Richard Malone has changed address and now lives at Dorcasia, Boot Street, Great Bealings, Woodbridge, IP13 6PB In EWL 2NW Shaun Dewing's email address should read sdewing67@googlemail.com
Final call for League Fees:
Just two clubs are now outstanding in regard to payment of East League fees, those being Southend and Ramgarhia. For payment to be received on time both clubs will have to arrange electronic payment. If any club members of either club are reading this please do get in contact with East League Secretary Neil Liversedge or Budget Officer Andy Barlow! There will be a 50% increase in League entrance fees , plus all matches will be awarded 5-0 against the clubs should payment not be received until such time as it is received and we do not want to penalise all club members of these clubs for a poor administration error if we can help it!
Outstanding League Fee's:
Firstly to all clubs who have paid their League entry fee's. We are now down to the last 7 clubs. We are now awaiting payment from Ashford, Ford, Horncastle, Ramgarhia, Southend, UEA Men and Welwyn Garden City. If you are a member of these clubs please contact either your Chair, Secretary and/or Treasurer to ensure there are no penalties issued on the first day of the season.
Who manages what Leagues:
All clubs are giving a final reminder that they need to notify their respective League Managers of captain and vice captains contact details. A list of who manages what Leagues is shown at the foot of the Contact and Links tab to the right of this post, with their contact details above.
Withdrawal of Shefford and Sandy 1 from EWL:
It is with regret that Shefford and Sandy Ladies 1st X1 have had to withdraw from EWL Division 2C, due to lack of players. We have asked the club to write directly to the other teams in their Division so that pitches/hospitality can be cancelled. On behalf of the East League Committee we hope that the problem the club is experiencing is a temporary one and we look forwards to welcoming them back into East League in the future in a happier place.
League Entry Fees for 2014-15 season:
With the season starting on Saturday there are currently 17 teams who have not paid their League Entry fees. ANY club that has not paid their fees by Friday evening will be subject to the Penalty explained in East League Rule 2.3. If you are a member of a club on the list please make the senior members of your club aware of this news item to ensure you enter the new season all paid up. The outstanding clubs are: Ashford, Broxbourne, Colchester, Ford, Horncastle, March Town, Ramgarhia, Rickmansworth, Royston, Skegness, Southend, Spalding, St Albans, Sudbury, UEA Men, Vauxhall and Welwyn Garden City.
Deadline Day apporaches:
On 23rd August it will be 4 weeks until we bully off into the new season. Which means that 22nd August is the deadline for all clubs to have posted the venues and times for home games up to the Christmas break. About 60% of games have been entered, but if you are reading this ask yourself is our club in the 40%, if the answer is yes (and you can tell easily by going to the League Home page, click on either the East Men's or East Women's tab, click on the Your Club tab, enter your club name and look at your home fixtures) have a word with the members of your club listed in the Clubsearch part of the League website so that they can be kick-started into action!!!!
Data to Club Websites:
The East League Fixtures and Results Coordinators, the East League Managers, and the East Webmaster - over twenty people in all - invest a considerable amount of their own time (i.e. FOR FREE) in designing, setting up, managing, and disseminating fixtures and results, match times and venues, and league tables throughout the season, without which the East Leagues would not be able to function as efficiently as it currently does. We give open access to clubs and their members so that your all of your members can see how your teams are performing and we share a lot of information so you can freely give input into the organisation of the League and it's operations and so many of your members can share information in clubs when things need doing. That investment in time is made for the benefit of the Clubs playing in the Leagues, and not for the benefit of other parties. Clubs and individuals who supply this information to other parties not affiliated to ERHA or operating on a commercial or semi-commercial basis, such as Pitchero or Fixtures Live, MAY THEREFORE BE acting against the interests of the East Leagues, and may be in breach of both the East Region Hockey Association website copyright of East Leagues Rule 7.2, and therefore may be subject to penalties. Specifically, the East Leagues have no issue with Clubs supplying information on their OWN FIXTURES and RESULTS to organisations providing entire or partial club website facilities, so that such information can be displayed on their OWN CLUB WEBSITES, but will not tolerate the supply of such information on a more general basis, e.g. fixtures or results for other clubs. If you are in doubt as to what this might mean for you and your Club please ask the East League Secretary for advice. This is considered a highly important issue by both the East Region Hockey Association and the East Leagues and will be pursued with vigour, not only with East Clubs and their members but also with any unaffiliated orgnisation, business or individiual that strips data from the East website for their own purposes. Below we provide the East Region Hockey Association copyright statement in regard to the ERHA and East Leagues website and we ask all clubs to read and comply with:- Copyright and Database Right This web site is protected by Copyright and Database Right. No part of the site may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. Pages may however be freely downloaded, linked or copied in whole or in part for their own non-commercial purposes by individuals, clubs, or associations affiliated to the East Region Hockey Association; this permission does not include extracting data for use by other organisations or individuals not affiliated to East Hockey and/or operating on a commercial or semi-commercial basis.
League Entry Fee Invoices:
The League Entry Fees for the 2014/15 season are now due and should be paid prior to the start of the season. However to do this, you need to download and print invoices. The invoices are now available and to print them you need to 1) Go the the League Home Page 2) Click on the Pre-season link on the right hand side of the screen 3) Click on the Invoice tab at the top left hand on the screen. You will then need your clubs password, you then follow the instructions on screen. Can all clubs please make sure payment is received BEFORE 20th September. Rule 2.3 does explain the consequence of not doing so. Emails will be sent to those listed as Hon Sec on the clubsearch function on this website however if you are reading this please feel free take action now to ensure payment is sent earlier than later.
Wapping launch Olympic Legacy Goalkeeper Academy:
Are you a goalkeeper, who feels they want to improve their game or feels that the coaching and training you receive in this very specialised position could be improved. If so you may be interested to know that Wapping HC (who are one of the clubs to have secured access to the Lea Valley Hockey and tennis centre, where the London 2012 Olympic hockey matches were played) are creating a specialist Goalkeeping Academy. Specialist coaches will include Maddie Hinch (who just last weekend won a silver medal with England), John Hurst (co-Manager of England Women and consultant goalkeeping coach to both England and GB) and Alan Dick (Scotland Men's goalkeeper in the mid-2000's). The academy will be open to all goalkeepers and will take place on a monthly basis starting in late August, with the aim of improving goalkeeping coaching and play standards. If you want to find out more please feel free to read the news item placed on Wappings club website (http://www.wappinghockeyclub.com) or contact their Stuart Burnside, Chairman of Wapping HC, by email. His email address is chairman@wappinghockeyclub.com
Fixtures now final. Times & Venues system now available - please report any anomalies to the Webmaster.
Fixtures for the 2014-15 season - for checking:
The fixtures for the 2014-15 season have now been loaded. Can we ask all clubs to check their fixtures and feed back to either Fixtures and Results Co-ordinater, Richard Munns, or East League Secretary, Neil Liversedge as soon as possible and certainly no later than Friday, 18/07/14. Lastly can clubs NOT load any venues and times until we post another message to say you can do so. During this stage of allowing clubs to check the fixtures they MAY find errors which will mean fixtures need to be reloaded, which means if you do load your venues and times you may have to do the job again.
East League clubs contact details:
Over half of East League Clubs (EML and EWL) have yet to update their Club information page on the website with details of Officers etc for next season. Missing the deadline of 30 June will lead to a 50% increase in fees and will delay other work in setting up fixtures etc for next season.
Proposed Leagues for 2014-15 season:
The proposed League divisions for the 2014-15 season were shown today at the League AGM and Presentation Day. They are now available for you to view. Go to the Pre-Season tab from this page and you can't miss it. If you spot anything wrong or have any special requests please let us know by Monday 16th June.
East Website and Handbook:
All clubs are reminded that they need to update their officer details that will appear both on the Clubsearch information here and in the East handbook by the end of June. To do this you need to go to the League website Home Page, click on the Pre-Season tab on the right hand side, then click on the Update Club Page tab. Don't forget you will need your clubs password and if any information regarding the astroturf you use has changed you can alter it here too.
East Mens League entry:
With the deadline of 31st May looming there are 8 clubs who are still to make their League Entries. If you are a member of one of the clubs listed please contact the person listed as Club Secretary or Men's Liaison Officer on the Clubsearch function on this website as they were first written to on 14th April and reminded again on 14th May, to ask them to get the entries in as soon as they can. The clubs concerned are:- Berkhamsted, Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge City, Louth, Old de Ferrians, Old Southendian, Southend and University of Essex.
East Women's League entry:
All clubs should now have been contacted by their League Manager to ensure that they are still planning to enter next season. Some clubs have already have also indicated the number of teams they wish to enster either to the League Chairman and/or Secretary. If any clubs have not been contacted or wish to enter additional teams please contact wither Rosemary Prince, League Chairman, or Neil Liversedge, East League Secretary as soon as possible and not later than the 31st May.
East Men's League Entry:
50% of all clubs have already entered their teams for the 2014/15 season. Thank you to those clubs. Just a reminder that the deadline is 31st May, however it would really help the League to help you if clubs could get their entries in as soon as possible. This helps us finalise the New League Tables, allow a decent period of review and then allow you as clubs more time to know your fixtures and then allocate pitch times and venues.
Top Goal scorers:
This is a final call to all clubs. is there anyone in your club who played in the EML and scored more than 54 goals or anyone in your EWL who scored more than 39 goals. If you know or think there is you have until Friday 18th April to declare it. No late submissions, even if they are true, will be considered after this time!!!
East Men's League League Entries 2014-15 season:
Clubs are now able to enter their Mens teams for the 2014-15 season. The deadline for entries is 31st May. To neter your teams go to the League Homepage on this website, click on the Pre-Season link on the right hand side of the page and then click on the League Entry tab on the top left hand corner of the page. Clubs will need their club password and then will need to input the number of teams they wish to enter. Where clubs play a Veterans/Development/Academy/Masters team in the East League you are also required to place your teams in order of strength. We ask all clubs to help us with the completion of this task as the soonest we know all League Entries the sooner we can finalise the League Tables and fixtures for next season.
Top Goal scorer awards:
We have received two claims in the EML in the Percy Poacher...... sorry Top Goal Scorer award. Both claims are for 54 goals..... do you know anyone in your team who can top this. We're also still looking to see if there is a Lady who can top the 39 goals already confirmed.
Top Goal Scorers:
Emails a plenty are being received from clubs saying our Mr Hotshot or our Miss Netfinder the top goalscorer??? In the Men's section the highest tally is far is 52 goals, while in the Women's section we have a confirmed sighting of 39 goals...... Do you know someone who might have done better???
EML Champions:
Congratulations to West Herts 1st X1 who are Champions of EML Premier A Division and will now go forwards to the EHL. Congratulations also to all Divisional winners, there have been some amazingly competitive League Divisions this season, with a lot of Divisions going right down to the last game.
EWL League Champions:
Many congratulations to Bedford 1st X1 who were crowned champions of the EWL yesterday after being chased really hard by Bromley and Beckenham. Bedford will go forwards to the EHL. Congratulations to all the other Divisional winners.
Wanted Top Goal Scorers:
In the EWL do you know a hot shot in your club who has scored more than 33 goals??? In the EML do you know a top dog who has notched more than 50 goals?? If you do make sure you tell your League Manager as we need to present the Leagues top goal scorer with an award to recognise their efforts!!!
Minutes of February's meeting:
The minutes of the East League Management Committees meeting, held in February are now published. Just click on the meetings link and scroll down to the appropriate date.
Top Goal Scorer award:
As the season starts to grow to a close the East League Management Committee will start looking towards finding out who the top goal scorer in both the Men's and Women's League. We are aware already of one player in the EML who has scored 47 goals..... start to think within your club whether there is someone in your club who has done better????
Henry Wanchoo on holiday:
Would all team captains in EML Divisions 3, 4 and 5SE please remember that League Manager Henry Wanchoo is on holiday until 18th March. Henry says that he has emailed all captains in those divisions to tell them that Chris Perry will be deputising for him and that they should contact Chris 07979 693518 with their results. Teamsheets should be sent to Chris and his address is given on the Contacts and Links page of the East League website.
Return of East League Division Winners trophies:
This note goes out to all those clubs and teams who were lucky enough to win their League Division last season and collected their trophey at the East League Presentation Day at Letchworth last June. It is now that time of year when the trophy needs to be returned, the deadline being 31st March. Below are the easy steps you need to follow: 1) Locate the trophy 2)Clean the trophy 3) Wrap it safely and securely 4) Return it to Nick Hoyle at 28 Valeside, Hertford, SG14 2AS. If you decide to save money on postage and decide to return it to Nick in person he will be delighted to see you, but please contact him first (see Contacts and Links for phone/email) 5) Your deadline is 31st March, remember if you miss this deadline there is a £50 fine. If you are reading this and you know your club won a trophy last year, make sure you begin the discussion within the club as to who is going to return it and how.
Ali Smyth - League Manager has moved:
Just to let clubs with teams in EML Div 6NWN and 6NWS know that their League Manager Ali Smyth has moved house today. His new address is 2 Cozens Wiley Close, Little Plumstead, Norwich, NR13 5GA. Please note that the home contact telephone numner should NOT be used with immediate effect and we will advise you all once a new number has been connected.
Proposed dates for 2014/15 season:
Below we give the proposed dates for the 2014/15 season. For the first half of the season we are proposing games will be played from 20th September through to 13th December with no breaks. The second half of the season will run from 17th January to 14th February, a weeks break for half term/slip date and then from 28th February to 21st March. This is on the basis that all League Divisions have 12 teams. We realise that bottom divisions may have less teams and we have already consulted with clubs concerned in regard to their preferred options.
EML - Promotions:
Congratulations to the following clubs who have secured promotions with several games in hand:- Pelicans 2, UEA 2, Cambridge City Vets, Wapping 5, Old Southendians 3, University of Essex 2, Phoenix 4, East London 6, Vauxhall 1, Berkhamsted 2, Hertford 3, Broxbourne 4. There are still alot of interesting Divisions where we can see that promotions and relegations will not become clear until after the last games are played. We wish all teams luck!
EWL Promotions:
Congratulations to the following teams who have already secured promotions in the EWL League divisions - Saffron Walden 1, Letchworth 1, Wisbech 2 and March Town 1. All of the other league divisions look as if we are in for an interesting end to the season.
Transfer deadline:
Just a reminder to all clubs and players. You will note from East League Rule 3.3. that no transfers can be started after 31st January, which is this Friday.
Reminder to EML Prem A, B and Div 1 teams:
Just a reminder to the above teams, Richard Munns is back in the country and the results reporting procedure returns to normal. That means that home clubs should telephone their results into Richard within 15 minutes of your game ending.
League Manager Chris Perry has moved:
Would all teams in EML Div's 8 and 9SE and 9SW please note that your League manager Chjris Perry has moved house. His new address is 9 Kessingland Avenue, Stevenage, SG1 2JR. Please also not that his home telephone number is no longer valid and if you wish to contact him via phone please use his mobile number 07979 693518.
"Your club" facility on this website:
There is a new facility to show all the fixtures, results, and times & venues for your club on a new Club Fixtures Page. You can access this via links on the East Men or East Women results pages. The aim of the page is to help clubs throughout the season. Pre-season, once the fixtures have been produced it will give a consolidated list of all league fixtures, on a per team basis. Then as pitch venues and times are added it will allow each team to see where they are playing and when. Lastly throughout the season it will show each teams results on a week by week basis We hope you find it useful and we encourage you all to have a look and a play and feedback any comments to either the webmaster Trevor Williams or East League Secretary Neil Liversedge.
Preparation for bad weather and re-arrangement of cancelled fixtures:
With the newspapers forecasting harsh winter weather in the next couple of months we thought it best to offer a reminder to clubs about the new rules brought in at the AGM regarding re-arranging fixtures. The rule change was brought about after last years winter weather and clubs cancelling games in the first half of the season and not re-arranging the new date until well into the second half of the season. Contained in Rule 4.3.1 the rule states - Any games postposed, for any reason during the first half of the season (September to December), must be played by the second Sunday after the start of the second half of the season. That date this year is 19th January. We also remind you that any free Saturday should be used as first priority and that any Sunday may be used. The reason for this rule change is that we wish to avoid a large backlog of fixtures going into the second half of the season. Can all clubs please ensure that their fixture secretary's are aware of this requirement please.
Richard Munns - EML Results co-ordinator on holiday:
Can all Premier A,B and Div 1 teams in East Men's League please note that Results coordinator Richard Munns is on holiday from 5th November to 2nd December. Each Saturday between these dates team captains should contact their appropriate League Managers (Russell Nutter - Premier A and B or Pritpal Sagoo - Div 1) with their results. The timescales for doing so, however, are unchanged.
Holt HC:
It is with regret that Holt Harlequins have been withdrawn from both EML Divisions 3NE and 6NE. We hope the club will be able to re-establish itself on a firmer footing and look forwards to them re-entering the League in a stronger position in the very near future.
Southgate Adelaide 4th X1:
It is with regret that we give notice that Southgate Adelaide have withdrawn from Division 9SW due to a shortfall of players. We have asked the club to communicate directly with their opposing clubs to ensure pitches can be cancelled well in advance.
League Manager on holiday:
Kishor Shah, League Manager for EWL Divisions 3 and 4 NWS is taking a short holiday from 18th October to to 26th October. During this time East League Secretary Neil Liversedge will cover handle any serious issues. Teams should note that all deadlines should be met regarding recording of results, as they will be monitored. Teamsheets should still be forwarded to Kishor in the usual way.
Fixture Secretary of Old Southendian moving house:
We have received a message from Suzanne Armitage, Fixture Secretary of Old Southendian Hockey Club, asking us to notify all of their opposing clubs that she is moving house on 18th October and will have no access to email or a home telephone number until they are installed/transfered to her new house. Therefore all clubs should contact her mobile number 07811 815554. We will let you know when she is up and running again.
March Town 3rd's withdraw from EML:
March Town 3rd X1 have contacted us to give notice that unfortunately they will have to withdraw from EML Division 6NWS due to a shortfall of players. We wish their other teams every success during the course of the season.
Richard Munns - Back on email:
Following the previous reported news item we are pleased to annouce that Richard Munns is back online and available to receive emails. He has been a victim of a SPAM artist and to recover his emails and contacts has proved quite a job. Welcome back Sir!!
Withdrawel of Thurrock 3rd X1:
We have been notified that Thurrock 3rd X1 shall be withdrawing from Division 9SE of the East Men's League. We have asked Thurrock to notify all of their opposing teams so that pitches and refreshments can be cancelled well in advance of the planned games.
Richard Munns - Spam Emails:
Just a note from Fixtures and results co-ordinator Richard Munns, who has been away on holiday for a few days. While he was away many of you may have received an email from him saying he had been robbed in Rome and could we please send money. This email was SPAM and a con, and he hopes no-one replied. At this point in time Richard is receiving no emails at all. Therefore until further notice can you please NOT send him an email, please ring instead. Thank you!!
New season reporting of results and posting of teamsheets:
Are you a captain, vice captain, team manager or coach. Are you taking responsibility for reporting match day results or posting teamsheets this season. Please make sure you are aware of League Rules 4.5 and what is required of you. Two tips. 1) If you play in the EML save your League Managers telephone number into your mobile phone and set an alarm to go off at a suitable time after your game so that you can phone your result in well before the deadline 2)In both the EML and EWL, to ensure that your teamsheet reaches your League Manager on time place a stamped envelope, with your League Managers address on it, in your kitbag as you leave for the game. Once the teamsheets are completed and signed pop the teamsheets in a letterbox on your journey home.
League Entry Fee's - Payments Still Outstanding:
Broxbourne, Harlow, Holt Harlequins, Rochford Casuals, Southend and St Neots are the last clubs to have not have had their League Entry fees received by League Budget Officer Andy Barlow. If you are a member of any of the clubs named above your club will need to conduct an electronic payment to ensure the entry fee is received before the Saturday deadline.
Captain and Vice Captain details:
Just a reminder to clubs asking you to ensure that you have sent your captain and vice captain contact details to your relevant League Managers....... it's only a short hop and a jump to the new season and it is a requirement to ensure the League Managers have these details by the first game.
Withdrawal of Gorleston HC:
It is with regret that Gorleston have withdrawn from the EML. Having originally submitted an entry for the 2013-14 season they have experienced a migration of players. With the withdrawal being so close to the start of the season Div 3NE will played as an 11 team league division.
Fixtures now available:
Will all please note that the fixtures for the 2013/14 season are now available and it is now the time of year where Fixture Secretary's start to allocate times and fixtures. Just a reminder that details of all home games do need to be input onto the League website 4 weeks prior to the first game for games scheduled before the end of December. Please also remember that home fixture sec's must also confirm in writing details of games directly with their opposite number in the opposing clubs.
2013-14 Fixtures:
The fixtures for the 2013-14 season have now been loaded. Can we ask all clubs to check their fixtures and feed back to either Fixtures and Results Co-ordinater, Richard Munns, or East League Secretary, Neil Liversedge as soon as possible and certainly no later than Friday, 02/08/13.
League Divisions 2013-14 season:
The proposed league divisions for the 2013-14 season have now been published. These can be found by pressing the pre-season tab on the right of this page and the proposed leagues tab is the big obvious one!! Can any comments be sent via email to League Secretary Neil Liversedge by 20th June. After this point the leagues will be viewed as finalised and then fixtures will be produced. Neil's email address is n.liversedge1@royalmail.com
Club Contact Details - Updates by 30th June:
Just a reminder that ALL East League Clubs must update their information page on the webiste by 30th June or will suffer a 50% penalty on their league fee – as well as delaying the Handbook and website updates. There are currently about 60 clubs outstanding at the moment. All clubs managed to get their League entries in on time so please help us hit another deadline with this one reminder!!
Presentation Day thank you:
On behalf of the League Management committee can I thank everyone for making todays presentation day such a success. Thank you to Letchworth HC for hosting the event. We had 100% attendance from the winners of every league division, which is amazing considering we had teams from as far north as Leadenham and Louth and as far south as Tunbridge Wells. Thank you everyone. Final congratulations to St Albans Mens 1st X1 and Holcombe Ladies 1st X1 who leave our league as Chamions to play in the National League next season. Good luck, we wish you well!!
League AGM and Presentation Day:
Just a reminder that it is the League AGM and presentation day this Sunday starting at 2pm, being held at Letchworth HC, their address is Whitethorn Lane, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 2DN. Agenda's for the AGM have been sent the the Hon Secretary of all league clubs. League Division winners are reminded that the presentation day is on the same day at the same venue starting at 3.30pm. All league division winners are required to attend to receive their trophy, failure to attend will attract £100 fine per league division. If you know that your club won a division make sure you have got someone attending!!
League Manager volunteers required:
In the close season its that time of year where the East League Management committee are looking for more league managers. If you might be interested or think you can help organise one of the biggest (and we like to think, best organised) regional leagues please send an email to League Secretary Neil Liversedge, his email is n.liversedge1@btinternet.com
East Mens League Entry:
With 2 days left the number of teams yet to enter has gone down...... now we're just waiting for 15 clubs!!!! If you are a player of one of the clubs below reading this please remind your clubs senior committee members that the entry needs doing it!! The clubs outstanding are Ely City, Gorleston, Harlow, Holt Harlequins, Ipswich, Maldon, North Walsham, Norwich City, Old De Ferrians, Redbridge & Ilford, Rochford Casuals, Rutland, Shefford & Sandy, Spalding, St Neots, Vauxhall.
East Mens League League Entries:
With 3 days to go there are still 25 teams still to enter. The offending teams are Broxbourne,Chelmsford, Colchester, Ely City, Gorleston, Harleston Magpies, Harlow, Holt Harlequins, Ipswich, Letchworth, Lowestoft Railway, Maldon, North Walsham, Norwich City, Old De Ferrians, Pelicans, Redbridge & Ilford, Rickmansworth, Rochford Casuals, Rutland, Shefford & Sandy, Spalding, St Neots, Vauxhall, Wisbech Town. You have until 31st May to enter, late entries attract a substantial fine and delay the publishing of new leagues and fixtures, so please all enter asap please.
EML League entries:
Congratulations to the 30 teams who have entered the EML so far. There are still over 60 teams left to enter, so please if you are reading this get your teams entered as soon as possible and please do not leave it until the deadline day of 31st May.
New East Divisions 3 and 4 in the Ladies League:
Following consultation at club and county level the start of the 2013 season will see two Division 3 and two Division 4 leagues added to the ladies league structure. The sides who have opted to be included in the developing structure are largely from the counties of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire with a couple from west Suffolk. We would have space for a few additional teams if anyone is interested and gets in touch in the next fortnight. If you would like details and to discuss this further please contact the league chairman Rosemary Prince as soon as possible. We already have a couple of potential volunteers to manage the new leagues but we can always do with more, so if you have an hour a week to spare it is a job that can be managed from home – it takes access to a computer, common sense in applying the rules and willingness to review and deal with the team sheets posted to you each week. Most of the time it is a fairly straightforward job that ensures the leagues run smoothly
Entries to East Men's League 2013-14:
Clubs should note that the opportunity to enter teams into the 2013-14 season is now with us, and you have until 31st May to enter your teams. If clubs have any specific requests regarding playing or anything we should note when converting entries into fixtures (i.e. you share a pitch with another club) then please let Neil Liversedge, East League Secretary, know as soon as you enter your teams. To complete the entry go to the Leagues page of this website, click on the Pre-Season tab on the right hand side of the screen and you will see the EML Entry is the first tab on the left hand side.
EWL and EML Champions:
Congratulations to Holcombe who have been crowned champions of the East Women's League Premier Division, with a towering 14 point margin. Congratulations also to St Albans who are also champions of the East Men's League. Going into the last weekend of the season with Bedford and Harleston Magpies breathing down their necks, St Albans kept their cool to be crowned as champions!! We wish both teams the best of luck next year in the National League.
Divisional Winners - EWL:
Congratulations to Ipswich 2's, Broxbourne 1's, Norwich Dragons 1's, Cambridge City 2's, Tunbridge Wells 1's and Old Loughtonians 2's in winning their respective divisions in the Eat Women's Leagues. We look forwards to seeing you at the League Presentation Day on 9th June to receive your trophies.
EML Divisional Winners:
Huge congratulations to Ramgarhia 1, Cambridge City 5, Ipswich & East Suffolk 1, Upminster 1, Norwich City 2, Ipswich & East Suffolk 2, Norwich Dragons 3, Ipswich 3, Wisbech Town 2, Long Sutton 2, Louth 1, Leadenham 1, Cambridge City 5, East London 1, Wapping 3, Southend 2, Wapping 6, Witham 3, East London 5, Old Loughtonians Academy, Potters Bar 1, West Herts 3, Hertford 2, St Albans 5, Shefford and Sandy 2, Potters Bar 3 and Blueharts 6 on winning their respect league divisions. We look forwards to sharing your success by you attending the League Presentation Day on 9th June.
League Dates for 2013-14 season:
Given below are the league dates for next season. This season the League Dates are the same for both the Men's and Women's Leagues. There is a weeks break in early December for indoor activities and there is a weeks break in February for half term which will hopefully give clubs better availability in their lower teams and will reduce the need for the doubling up of players. Both of these gaps can, if required, be used as League Slip dates. The first half of the season starts on 21st September and finishes on 14th December with a break on 7th December for indoors. The second half of the season starts on 11th Jan and will end on 22nd March with a break on 22nd Feb.
Pritpal Sagoo on holiday:
League Manager for EML Div 1 and 2N and S Pritpal Sagoo is now on holiday until 7th April, so any teams with re-arranged fixtures over this weekend or on 6th/7th April your results will be published on 8th April.
Snow this weekend.:
With the weather forecast particularly gruesome in the northern half of the region for tomorrow, please note the following instruction regarding any games cancelled tomorrow or on Sunday. As it stands all cancelled games should be re-arranged and replayed by Sunday 14th April. It has been a particularly bad winter in regard to the weather, with games cancelled both before and after the Christmas break. From the East League committee we thank all fixture secretary's for their hard work and dedication, and within your club we hope that you give them the thanks they deserve.
East League Secretary:
East League Secretary Neil Liversedge now has his wife and daughter home from hospital and is back in role. Hopefully there will be not too many issues to deal with!
Return of Trophies:
Only 2 trophies have been returned to date, which leaves 29 still to be returned by a week on Sunday. Trophies must be returned by the end of March on penalty of a £50 fine! If you won a trophy last year, this is what you need to do: 1) Clean the trophy 2) Wrap it safely and securely 3) Return it to Nick Hoyle at 28 Valeside, Hertford, SG14 2AS. If you decide to save money on postage and decide to return it to Nick in person he will be delighted to see you, but please contact him first (see Contacts and Links for phone/email). If you are reading this and you know your club won a trophy last year, make sure you begin the discussion within the club as to who is going to return it and how.
League Secretary out of action:
Neil Liversedge, East League Secretary, is currently out of action due to his baby daughter being born 5 weeks early. If teams have any problems could they please direct their problem through their League Manager.
Self-input Results in the EML:
The East Men's League is finally catching up with the Ladies. In Division 4 South-West the teams are trialling the self-input of results directly onto this website. We will be reviewing the results of the trial in coming weeks with a view to rolling it out further next season!
England Ladies Master Trials (over 40's):
The England Ladies over 40's age group initial trials will be held on Sunday, 24th February at Cannock Hockey Club starting at 11.00 and finishing at 15.00. This is for players born between 01/01/1969 and 31/12/1973 (or players between the age of 40 and 44). If you have previously played County or East Masters and you want to give it a go please contact Deb Wilkes (EHB over 40's Chair of Selectors) for details. Her telephone numbers are 01902 858864 (h) or 07976769723 (m) and her email address is wilkesdeb@gmail.com.
EML reminder - fixtures cancelled 19/01/13:
A reminder to the EML teams games that were cancelled on 19th January should be re-arranged to 23rd March. Looking at the Venues and times page of this website around a third of all games cancelled are shown to be re-arranged so far. It would help enormously if all clubs could ensure that the administration involved in re-arranging these fixtures could be completed by this weekend. Remember the club fixture secretary's must communicate to agree and confirm the date, time and venue of the fixtures, if you have umpires appointed ensure the appropriate pool secretary is notified and update the venue/times page of this website. If you are a member of a club and you can see that your clubs fixtures have not been re-arranged so far please draw this post to the attention of your fixture secretary.
Re-arranged games:
League Managers have been approached by some clubs asking if games cancelled today can be arranged before the 6th April slip date due to concerns about pitch availability. The answer is yes you may organise the fixtures before. However please remember both clubs must agree a date and a time, the date, time and venue must be added to the appropriate page on this website and if you have appointed umpires the appropriate Pool Appointments Secretary must be contacted.
EML and EWL fixtures 26/01/13:
We are again expecting widespread cancellations this weekend. Any fixtures cancelled this weekend should be re-played on the League Slip date Saturday, 6th April. Please ensure you follow the exact same process as explained on the news item dated 17/01/13.
Reminder regarding re-arrangements:
With every EML and EWL game being postponed last weekend this post acts as a reminder to all clubs that you need to re-arrange the games following the advice given on this website last week. In re-arranging the games clubs should speak to each other to agree the dates, times and venues. Each club should then place the re-arranged date, time and venue on the appropriate page on this website, and lastly if you have umpires appointed by East or County pools make sure that you contact the relevant pool co-ordinator to ensure your umpires are correctly appointed.
East Men's League - Games scheduled for 19/01/13:
I think we all agreed that the forecast for this weekend is dreadful and I think we all agree the chances of cancellation are high. In the East Mens League any games cancelled this weekend should be moved to the slip date of 23rd March. It is important that all clubs follow the process they ordinarily would in regard to cancelling games. 1) Tell your opposition, 2) Tell your umpires, remember to tell any umpires who are pool appointed as well as your club umpires 3) Tell your League Manager 4) Fixture Secretary's agree the time the re-arranged game is going to be played on 23rd March 5) Home club place the re-arranged time and venue on the Times and Venues page of this website.
East Women's League - games 19/01/13:
The weather outside is frightful and it is likely looking at the forecast that many games will be cancelled this weekend due to the weather. Any games cancelled this weekend should be re-arranged to be played during your scheduled half term break (Saturday 16th February or Saturday 23rd February). Clubs should follow the regular process in regard to cancelling games 1) Contact your opposition 2) Contact your umpires (particularly if they are appointed umpires) 3) Contact your League Manager 4) Fixture Secretary's contact the opposing club and agree a new date and time on one of these two dates 5) Place the new date, venue and time on the Venue and Times page of this website. If you are unable to agree a date and time by the end of January the home club should contact the appropriate League Manager for advice and guidance.
Confirming Umpires:
As the 2nd half of the season approaches we have been asked by the East Region Hockey Umpires Association to remind all clubs who have umpires appointed to their games by either the East or County Pools that it is a must that clubs confirm the details of any game directly with the umpires by 9pm of the Tuesday before any game. With some re-arranged games being played this weekend we are aware that some clubs still have not confirmed the details of tomorrows games with their umpires. The process for confirming umpires has not changed and neither the East League or the ERHUA are asking clubs to do any more than they should already be doing. If your club has umpires appointed each week please ensure your club is clear who is responsible for contacting pool umpires and make sure that they are clear what they have to do to ensure appointed umpires attend the right venue at the right time, so that the games we love playing can take place.
Frost and Ice:
Tonights forecast is for cold open sky's and frost being widespread. This means there is a risk that games could be postponed (particularly the early start games where the sun does not have chance to penetrate the ice. We advise early communication between clubs to ensure that, where possible, no unnecessary journeys are made.
Withdrawal of Dereham 5th X1:
Dereham 5th X1 have unfortunately conceded their 4th match of the season and have now been withdrawn from their League Division. All results and points for their fixtures so far have been removed.
Notifications to ERHUA or County Hockey Association Umpires:
The League has been made aware of instances where umpires appointed by the East or County pools are not being notified of match start times, change of venues or even cancellation of games. Appointed umpires are, of course, an important part of the game at the highest level of our region and it is important that they know what is happening in any game. Firstly, for clubs having umpires appointed by ERHUA, by the Tuesday night prior to any game on a Saturday the home club must contact both umpires telling them both the venue and the time of the game. Contacting the umpires by telephone, and actually speaking to them is preferable, if you leave a message or send an email ask the umpire to send confirmation back to you that they have seen and understand your message (postings on your club website or having the time and venue on the East website is not enough!!). Ask for the umpire to provide a contact telephone number, so that if there are any problems on the match day they can easily be contacted. On a match day if there is any cancellation or if there is any change of venue at short notice it is the home clubs job to ensure the umpires are contacted. So captains please ensure you have their telephone numbers with you!! We have been told that increasingly clubs are not making the initial contact with umpires in the week prior to the game. Letting the umpires know about the game is not a courtesy it is a requirement of every club where umpires are appointed to them. Where umpires are not contacted by the appropriate deadline both the ERHUA and the County pools reserve the right to re-allocate those umpires and that would result in penalties being applied by League Managers to those clubs. If you are reading this and your club has umpires appointed to their games please ensure your clubs Umpire Liaison Officers and your team captains read this.
Bromley and Beckenham HC does Calender Girls:
Following in the footsteps of the Yorkshire branch of the WI, a brave eleven from Bromley and Beckenham HC have decided to bare all in a calender to raise funds both for the club and for the charity Breast Cancer Care. If you would like to know more please use the following link: http://www.brombeckhc.co.uk/wordpress/calendar-2013
Peter Lambert and John Whitehead:
Unfortunately I have to report that two of the Easts long standing FIH umpires have sadly passed away over the last 24 hours. Peter Lambert died after a long battle against cancer. John Whitehead also passed away after suffering an aneurism. Peter and John were highly respected FIH umpires and both had been Chairman and President of Cambs HUA. As very experienced umpires their knowledge of the game was welcomed both by players and their umpiring colleagues. Both Peter and John will be sorely missed both by their clubs (City of Peterborough and Royston) and by the wider hockey community in Cambridgeshire and the East and we ask that all clubs hold a short period of respect before their games on Saturday.
League Fee's:
Dear All, Just to let you know all League Fee's were received to time. Some leaving it a bit too tight to the deadline for our liking. The new process seems to have worked well, so thank you all.
League Entry Fee's - Clubs Outstanding:
Despite clubs being notified on this website on 09/08/12 and an email reminder being sent from the East League Secretary to each Club Secretary on 19/08/12 there are still a number of clubs who have not paid their League entry fee's. With a new process of generating invoices the deadline for receipt of these fee's was extended, so that fee's would be received by 30/09/12. The clubs involved are Ashford HC, Basildon HC, Holt Harlequins HC, MBDA HC, Norfolk Nomads HC, Rochford Casuals HC, Romford HC, Sevenoaks HC, Southend HC, St Neots HC, Thurrock HC and Witham HC. If you are reading this and your club is named please contact your club secretary or treasurer to ensure the fees are RECEIVED by the League Budget Officer by 30/09/12. Rule 2.3 explains the penalties that shall be issued if the fees are not received by this time.
League Fee's Update:
Today League entry fees were received from Sevenoaks, Witham and Basildon from the list outstanding below!! League fees must be received from the others on the list by 30/09/12!!
Captain and Vice Captain Details to League Managers:
Just a helpful reminder to member clubs that Rule 2.4 says that contact details of team captains and vice captains (names, contact phone numbers and email addresses)should be sent to the relevant League Manager by the first game of the season. Most of our clubs have held their AGMs now and know who their captains are, so you could get one job ticked off that pre-season list in the next couple of days or so. The contact details of the League Managers this season can be accessed by clicking on the Contacts and Links tab on the League page
Match Start Times:
Rule 4.3.3 is in regard to notifying times and venues of fixtures and the fact that at least 4 weeks before the start of the season, a club must input to the league website details of the venues and start times of all its home league matches to be played up to the mid-season break. The season starts on 15th September and we are within the 4 weeks. Teams who have umpires appointed by either ERHUA or County pools will realise that these bodies need to know where and when games are going to be played if they are to be able to appoint sufficient umpires, and give those umpires adequate notice of those games. Please make sure that your fixture start times and venues are posted by 12.00 (midday) on Saturday 25th August. Rule 4.3.3 does describe the penalty which I am sure we would all wish to avoid.
Rule Changes coming into effect from 1st September:
There are two main playing rule changes coming into place this season from 1st September, the first regarding the method of scoring, the second regarding the ball being lifted from a centre pass, free hit or putting the ball back into play. All clubs are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that their players know the new rules. Informing a player 30 seconds after he/she have vociferously spoken to the umpire that he should be applying last years rules can be easily avoided by us preparing early!!
League Invoices:
Following requests from clubs last season for the League to be more like England Hockey in allowing all clubs to download their League Entry invoices we are pleased to announce that League Invoices are no longer being posted to Clubs. You can download or print your invoice via a link on the League Preseason Page. Your Club password will be needed to call up the invoice. (This will save a considerable sum in postage, and a fair amount of time). To facilitate the bedding in of this new development we are extending the deadline for payment to 30th September, however we reasonably expect that all clubs will do the right thing and ensure they pay well before that time.
Fixtures for 2012-13 season:
The proposed fixtures for the 2012-13 season have been added at the top of the Pre-Season page. We have checked and double checked but we can always use a 3rd, 4th and 5th pair of eyes. Can we please ask clubs to check their own fixtures and notify either League Secretary, Neil Liversedge, or Fixtures and Results Co-ordinator, Richard Munns, know by email if you find either any errors or any you have any questions by 7th July, this will allow us to make any alterations or corrections and then get the fixtures posted.
Update your club details!!!!!:
There are still 30+ clubs who are still to update their club contact details on here. The 30th June deadline is not far away. If you click on the yellow tab to the left of this message it will show the remaining clubs. If your club is one of them find out who does the update within your club and remind them to get it done. We really do not want to be applying the 50% increase to your league entry fee over something so easy to do!!!
Minutes of the AGM 2012:
The minutes from last Sunday's AGM have now been posted. You can find them under the meetings tab.
Updating your clubs contact details:
East League clubs are reminded that you have until the 30th June to update your club contacts on this website. These are the details that will go forwards into the East Handbook and we, of course want them to be correct. Clubs should be reminded that there is a penalty of a 50% increase in fees if you miss this deadline. So if you are reading this and are unsure if your club has updated their records draw attention to this post to your Club Secretary or Fixture Secretary's.
A fitting end to the season:
Today saw the conclusion of the 2011-12 season with the League AGM and Presentation Day. Teams attending from all over the East region to give input at the AGM and to give hearty praise and celebrate the trophy winners. Only 3 teams failed to collect their trophy, and these will receive their £100 fine in due course. At the meeting East President, John Hendy, announced that Results and Fixtures co-ordinator Richard Munns would become an Honorary Vice-President of the East Region Hockey Association in recognition of service both with the league and the umpiring communities.
League Entries:
With 3 days to go there are still 35 plus Men's sections who have not yet entered teams for the 2012-13 season. The deadline is 31st May for the reason that after this date we have to start the process of planning your fixtures (which you might appreciate with 200+ Mens games being played each Saturday during the League season is a big job). Please get your teams entered today and beat the deadline.
Last call for top scorer:
The lead male top goal scorer declared so far scored 39 goals, do you know someone who has beaten this???? If so make your declaration before 9.00pm of Sunday 27th May!!!!! to either the East League Secretary or your League Manager.
League Entries:
Please remember that the deadline for League entries for the 2012-13 season is 31st May. If you are reading this and are unsure whether your club has entered yet ask your Club Liaison Officer. Please do NOT leave this to the last minute!!
League Dates for Next Season:
The dates for next league season were discussed at last weeks League Management Meeting and are as follows: EWL - Pre Christmas - 15/09/12 to 01/12/12 and 15/12/12. Post Christmas 12/01/13 to 09/02/13 and 02/03/13 to 23/03/13. EML - Pre Christmas - 15/09/12 to 08/12/12. Post Christmas 19/01/13 to 16/03/13 These dates are designed to ensure maximum fit with the indoor calender. Should clubs have any indoor commitments outside of these times clubs MUST remember to consult their League Manager before any cancellations can be agreed.
League AGM and Presentation Day:
The East League Annual General Meeting and Presentation Day will take place on Sunday 10th June. The venue this year is Letchworth Hockey Club. The AGM will start at 2.00pm and will hopefully be completed by about 2.45 and it would be great to see every club that has a team in the East League. There will then be a break for refreshments (and the chance for you to buy your League Manager a drink) with the Presentations starting at 3.30pm. League Managers are in the process of inviting the winners of each division. Clubs with winning teams are reminded that winning a league is an honour, you will receive a trophy and yes you must attend!! League Rule 2.8 explains that failure to attend the Presentation Day will result in a £100 fine, so please make every effort to attend.
Top Goal Scorers:
As in keeping with the past years we are looking for nominations for the top goal-scorer in the EML. The highest we know of so far is 36 goals, if you know someone in your team/club was as prolific as Lionel Messi playing for that small Spanish club please make your claim to the relevant league manager!
Congratulations to Bromley & Beckenhams Ladies 1st X1 for being crowned East Women's League Champions, crowning a fine season. Congratulations also to Cambridge City 1st X1 who came out on top in the East Men's League, this was a fine moment in a very competitive season, where they narrowly gained the advantage over West Herts Cambridge.
Return of Trophies:
Only 12 EML trophies have been returned to date, which leaves 18 still to be returned by a week today. Trophies must be returned by the end of March on penalty of a £50 fine! So if you won a trophy last year what do you need to do? 1) Clean the trophy 2) Wrap it safely and securely 3) Return it to Nick Hoyle, his address is 28 Valeside, Hertford, SG14 2AS. If you decide to save money on postage and decide to return it to Nick in person he will be delighted to see you, as long as you phone him first and make sure he is in! If you are reading this and you know your club won a trophy last year make sure you begin the discussion within the club as to who is going to return it and how.
Gurbinder Hunjan:
Ramgarhia Hockey Club, and indeed Men’s Hockey East lost a great friend and hockey ambassador with the tragic and untimely passing of Gurbinder Hunjan on Saturday 17th March 2012 during the match with Cambridge University. A multi-talented sportsman, Gurbinder’s first love was hockey and he was a well known and liked player during his almost three decades of playing hockey. Having played during his school days as well as various club sides as a player dedicated his support to Ramgarhia 1st. Interested in all sports Gurbinder was competitive whenever he stepped outside his familiar sport, hockey. Gurbinder leaves behind his wife (Sharanpal), two sons (Harmeet) & (Bhupinder) and daughter (Mandeep). This is a difficult time for members of the Hunjan family and players of Ramgarhia. Ramgarhia and the Hunjan Family wishes to acknowledge all present, the Umpires, Cambridge University 2 and Ramgarhia Hockey players for their support at the unfortunate incidence. Details of the funeral and the Prayers thereafter will be made available as soon as they are confirmed. Gurbinder Hunjan will be fondly remembered and sadly missed by all whose lives he enriched, and especially by his close friends and family.
Entries in Match reports, Twitter and Facebook:
With the end of season looming and many promotion and relegation battles bound to take place clubs should be reminded of League Rule 7 7. DISCIPLINE AND PENALTIES Clubs must abide by the intended spirit of how the game should be played; observe EHB guidelines and procedures for discipline and pitch-side conduct; ensure that players, officials and spectators treat umpires with respect before, during and after matches; and not put disparaging remarks about leagues or opponents in press reports or on the internet. The Leagues will apply severe penalties in cases of umpire abuse.
East League Secretary on holiday:
Neil Liversedge will be disappearing on holiday from 16 March and will be returning 2nd April. If you have any queries, in the first instance please speak to your League Manager. If you need to further speak to someone there are two points of contact while he is away. If your query is in regard to results please contact the League Results Co-ordinator Richard Munns. If your question is in regards to rules or policy please speak to League Chairman Rosemary Prince.
League Management Committee meeting:
The minutes of January's committee meeting are now posted in the meeting tab of the league web page
EWL - We are the Champions:
Congratulations to Lincoln Ladies 1st X1 who have been crowned champions of Division 1N of the EWL. Very well done Ladies!!!
EML - We are the champions:
In no particular order, congratulations to the following teams who have been crowned champions in their respective divisions of the EML: Newmarket 1 - Div 4NW, Grantham 1 - Div 6NWN, Norwich Dragons 3 - Div 6NE, East London 5 - 9SE.
Games to be re-organised:
Surprising, but utterly true, there are still 90+ games still to be re-organised in all divisions following the snow in February. If you are a fixture secretary reading this get in contact with your opposite number to get the game finalised. If you are a captain or a player and you know you have a game outstanding and you cant see that it has been re-organised on the times/venues page of this website, get hold of your fixture secretary to remind him/her that it needs doing quickly. Games need to be completed by the weekend of 14/15th April and every League Manager would rather that clubs agree the dates between themselves rather than have impose either a date to play the game or impose a penalty on clubs who have been lazy or unreasonable. Feedback from your clubs tell us you would rather the League Manager take that approach too.
re-organising fixtures after the bad weather:
Firstly well done to all of the clubs who have, so far, re-organised and agreed their fixtures, posted them on the time/venue part of this website and, where appropriate advised the East/County umpiring pools. To the rest of the clubs with work still to do please try to get these fixturesorganised soon, please do not leave it until the last minute. If you have any problems or difficulties at all please speak to the relevant League Manager who will give advice and guidance willingly.
Fixture Congestion:
The League Management Committee are currently willing the weathermen to give better news regarding the weather. However while we wait for that we are aware that a number of fixtures are backing up. We have decided to extend the 2011-12 season to the weekend of 14th and 15th April. However we ask all clubs to abide by the following conditions:- Any teams with games that were originally scheduled to be played before Christmas and have not arranged the date of the new game must have a re-arranged date to play the game agreed by Monday 20th February and these games must be played by the 11th March. Clubs who have games from before Christmas that already have dates arranged are exempt from this condition. Any teams with games that were originally scheduled to be played from 14th January to up to and including 4th February must have a re-arranged date to play the game agreed by Monday 27th February and played by 9th April. This means we will have some leeway to allow us to re-arrange games if/when games are cancelled this weekend. We are aware that this means that some games will have be played on Sundays and, if clubs and Umpiring Pool Organisers agree, allow them freedom to play games over the Easter weekend. If clubs and Umpiring Pool Organisers agree games may also be played midweek. Home clubs are reminded that when they are re-arranging their fixtures they must actually speak to their opposition and have proof of confirmation of the fixture and we remind away clubs that you should not unreasonably reject dates provided. Clubs are reminded that details of re-arranged fixtures must be posted on the venues/times page of this website, you should notify the appropriate Umpiring Pool Organisers and your League Manager.
Frozen Pitch's 4th February:
With the current weather forecast for this weekend informing us that there is a good chance of a hrd frost on Friday night this post acts as a friendly reminder to home clubs to be mindful of the distance your opposition have to travel and ensure that any pitch inspection is carried out well before they leave. The committee are aware of a home club that has had the foresight to ask their opposing clubs for their departure times and the team captains contact details in case of cancellation. We recommend that all clubs follow this excellant example.
and don't forget the umpires:
We hope that you have found our advice about starting to think about Saturday and communication with your opposition if temperatures are well below zero helpful. It goes without saying that you should also remember your umpires. If they are pool umpires you need to remember that they too could be travelling from a far, so please make sure if you cancel a game you tell your umpires as soon as possible
Ladies’s Masters Hockey 2012 – Why not represent your region!:
Interested in playing for the East Masters this year? We have entered the East into the Over 40s, 45s and 50s tournaments being held on the dates below. Women's Ov40s & Ov45s Tournament Date: 9th & 10th June 2012 at Cannock Women's Ov50s Tournament Date: 28th & 29th April 2012 at Cannock If you are interested in playing please e-mail Philippa Bull with your name, present club, date of birth (so long as you are 40 this year you qualify as dates for age groups are for birthdays in the present year) Please also give your e-mail and mobile/phone number.We are most in need of players presently between 39 and 44 years of age as those who have previously represented this age group have moved up to the older age groups. Philippa can be reached by email: philippa.bull@essex.gov.uk or by phone 07786 125363 and she is happy to answer any questions. There will be two dates in May (to be confirmed) which will allow people to meet up for selection/practice. These are likely to be four hour slots at a pitch in Bishops Stortford. We look forward to hearing from you.
Consideration of Oppositions Journey Times:
With the possibility of further cancellations of games due to wintery weather can we please ask all clubs to remember to consider the journey times and distance that your opponents may have to travel and take this into consideration when conducting pitch inspections. If you are playing at home and the pitch may be doubtful we remind you that it is good practice to speak to your opponents Liaison Officer to determine what time they are leaving, and ensure that you make your decision before they leave.
New League Managers required:
The League Management Committee is formed with the aim of trying to run the leagues in which you play in a seamless way. It is made up off volunteers who do an excellent job. Currently we are looking for more volunteers to manage some of the league divisions. You will be supported by very experienced league managers and committee and you will help keep the league wheels running. If you would like to volunteer for the 2012-13 season either contact Neil Liversedge, East League Secretary by email (n.liversedge1@btinternet.com) or contact the webmaster of this site. We look forwards to hearing from you.
Wapping 8th X1:
We have been notified that, with regret, that Wapping 8th X1 have had to withdraw from Division 7SE.
Thurrock Academy:
It is with regret that Thurrock Academy have had to withdraw from Div 9SE.
Chelmsford 6th XI:
We have been notified that with regret Chelmsford 6th X1 have had to withdraw from Division 9SE of the East Men's League.
Change of League Managers to East Men's League 4 to 6SE:
It is with regret that we announce the resignation of Samantha Menear from her role as League Manager for Men's League Divisions 4SE, 5SE and 6SE. Please note that: Pritpal Sagoo will take on responsibility for managing 4SE. Cliff Gulbis will take on responsibility for managing 5SE. Chris Brown will take on responsibility for managing 6SE. The CLO and MLO of the affected clubs have been sent an email today informing them of the changes, if you are a captain of any team playing in these divisions please make sure you become aware of your new managers contact details. Samantha will also hand over her Budget Officers responsibility and a further notice will be posted shortly. Samantha will continue to manager her divisions within the East Women's league. On behalf of the League Management Committee and the clubs within Divisions 4 to 6SE I would like to pass on our thanks for Samantha's work over the passed few seasons.
CLO for Sevenoaks on holiday:
Would all Ladies clubs please note that Jackie Gibbs, Club Liaison Officer for Sevenoaks will be away on holiday for games played on 22nd and 29th October. Should any clubs have any urgent issues over this time would they please contact Fran Walton, Sevenoaks Ladies chairman. Her contact details are 07918685022(m) or franwalton@btinternet.com (email)
New Acting East League Budget Officer:
Following last nights League Management Committee meeting we are pleased to announce that Trevor Williams has agreed to act as Budget Officer on a temporary basis. While acting in this role Trevor will help the committee move the production of League Entry invoices on-line, so that as soon as the League Fees are agreed at the League's Annual General Meeting, clubs can print off their invoice and pay their league entry fees by the deadline.
Bedford 7th X1 withdraw from Div10SW:
It is with much regret that we have been advised that Bedford 7th X1 will have to withdraw from Division 10SW of the East Mens League.
Rutland 4th X1 withdraw from Div6 NWS of the East Men's League:
It is with regret that we announce the Rutland 4th X1 have had to withdraw from Division 6NWS of the East Men's League due to lack of players. Rutland would be interested in playing friendlies at Under 14 and Under 15 level on a Sunday should any clubs be looking for fixtures.
Message from Wapping Hockey Club about the John Orwell school pitch:
On behalf of Wapping Hockey Club, we would like to provide an update on the status of our home pitch at John Orwell Sports Centre. Repairs have now been scheduled to make the appropriate changes to the pitch and we hope to have all fixtures back their original venues by the end of the month. The club thanks all clubs who have been involved for their cooperation and understanding towards changes to fixtures and locations . This has been very much appreciated and we look forward to welcoming you all back to John Orwell. Thanks, Steve Turner, Chairman, Wapping Hockey Club
Travelling to and from Bedford Hockey Club:
There are major roadworks going on in Bedford on 'Town Bridge' in the town centre which is having a knock on affect on the traffic getting into and out of Bedford. Teams may need to allow more time in order to get to Bedford Hockey Club.
East Website - League Pages:
Please remember that the League Results and Tables have been relocated on the site, so your bookmarks/favourites may need to be changed. Follow the links from the League Page to reach the new locations. We also changed servers and switched to a new database over summer, and whilst there has been extensive testing, it is only when we go live that some glitches will emerge. Please report any broken links or errors that you find to the webmaster.
Payment of League fees 2011-12 Season:
The league would like to thank the vast majority of teams who have already submitted their league fees for this season. We are concerned however that some teams in the league have had advanced warning of their non payment and the league managers wish to ensure fairness for all our teams. In light of this all teams, will have until midnight on Friday 23rd September to pay the appropriate fee.
Further to non payment of League Fees:
Following Saturdays ladies league games, we can confirm that some of the 27 clubs who had not paid their league entry fee's included clubs with Ladies sections that participate in the East Women's League. Games involving these sides will be forfeit as laid out in rule 2.3. Teams will receive notification via their league managers to the captains of the teams concerned. The games will be marked as AW – awarded 3-0, to the respective opposition. If an opposition won by a higher score than 3 goals the higher score will be kept. The clubs concerned need to pay the appropriate fee to avoid the same thing happening next weekend. It is not your league managers fault but an issue you may wish to take up with the committee of your particular club; the rule is no different from last year. A new treasurer, captain or manager is not an acceptable excuse. The rules are published in the public for all to read.
Non Payment of League Entry Fee's:
As of 10 o'clock this morning the following clubs have NOT paid their league entry fees: Berkhamsted,Bishop Stortford, Blueharts, Boston, Bourne Deeping, Brentwood, Cambridge Nomads, Chelmsford, Cheshunt, Ford, Grantham, Ipswich, Ipswich Cranes, Leadenham, March Town, MBDA, Newmarket, Norwich City, Old De Ferrians, Old Southendians, Rochford Casuals, Royston, St Neots, Stevenage, Vauxhall, Winchmore Hill and ENfield. Clubs were reminded on 17th August that the invoices for league entry were being sent out and were reminded of Rule 2.3 which will be applied to clubs that have not paid their fees by the first game of the season.
An apology from Old Loughtonians:
Dear All, Please find below a letter from Peter King, Chairman of Old Loughtonians to the League Chairman, Rosemary Prince, which we think is appropriate to share with League clubs and is particularly of interest to any teams who play against Old Lought's Dear Rosemary On behalf of Old Loughtonians I wanted to let you, the committee and the member clubs know the current position with our new pitches at Luxborough Lane. As you may have heard, the project to replace the pitches has fallen behind because of some difficulties with the design of the bases. This has been resolved, but the knock on effect is that we may not have use of either pitch until the end of November, which is some two months after the completion we anticipated. The club is trying hard to accommodate our fixtures by reversing venues and hiring alternative pitches, but I want to apologise to all the member clubs for any inconvenience this may cause them and thank them for all the cooperation they have given us in planning around the delay. I look forward to seeing our friends from across the region at Old Loughts when we are back to normal. Yours sincerely Peter King, Chairman, OLHC
Welcome to the Dragons Den:
Norwich Dragons HC - Venue and Kit: Following the opening of their new pitch in the centre of Norwich, Norwich Dragons HC will now play all their home matches at the TCH Dragons' Den on Hall Road in Norwich. The Club and Location details on this website have been updated to reflect this and provides directions to the venue. Clubs should also note that the Dragons' Men have new shirts to celebrate their return to Norwich and will wear red with green and white trim in future. Details also available at www.norwichdragonshc.co.uk
Withdrawal of Phoenix Ladies from Div2SW:
I have received an email from the Chairman of Phoenix Hockey Club informing me that, with regret, they will have to withdraw from Div2SW of the East Women's league. This has been caused by lack of players. The club has been requested to contact all teams in the Division.
Change of pitch name in Lowestoft:
Pitch name change: Please note that Kirkly High School in Lowestoft is now called the East Point Academy. This is the pitch used by Lowestoft Ladies and Lowestoft Railway. All other details remain unchanged.
Pre-season tasks:
Just a helpful reminder, on the Leagues page on the right hand side is a tab labelled "Preseason" and it gives information of the important work each club should be undertaking. Right now the most important jobs for clubs to be doing is ensuring that the dates and times of fixtures are loaded, checking to see if your opposition have made any changes and sending captain and vice captain contact details to the relevant League Manager. Not completing these tasks do incur penalties so on reading this ask yourself who in my club does it and make sure that they are!!
League Entry Fee's:
Dear All, I have been notified by the Leagues Budget Officer that invoices for League Entry fee's for the 2011/12 season will be sent out w/c 22nd August and should be paid to the League Budget Officer (NOT The ERHA Treasurer) by the start of the season. If you are a member of any club please make your Club Liaison Officer and Treasurer aware of this post so that we are not in the usual position of having to chase clubs right to and beyond the deadline. Clubs should be aware of the penalties of not paying on time (Rule 2.3 explains exactly what happens if you don't) and should not expect any further reminders about payment
2011 League AGM:
The minutes of the League AGM which took place recently have now been published and can be accessed by clicking on the meetings tab.
Fixtures for 2011-12 season:
I am sure this is the most eagerly awaited news item, the new fixtures for the EML and EWL have been posted for the new season, and the fixtures for the Veterans league will be posted later today. The leagues have been checked through but as always we ask all clubs to check these fixtures for any errors. The new Fixtures and Tables are accessible via the usual links on this page. However, please note that the file structure has changed since last year and bookmarks that you created in previous seasons to these pages will no longer work.
A gentle reminder before you need it:
Clubs are reminded that details of ALL home game venues & start times must put details of match venues and times on this website before the start of the season for all games up to Christmas (and for really good practice let your opposing club know directly!!), and by Nov 30th for all games after Christmas (but preferably all before the start of the season). Each late entry can attract a £5 fine at the discretion of the League Manager. Please remember that any changes made during the season MUST be input into the same system and MUST be communicated directly to the other club. To input details of your home games you will need to know your usual club password. If you have any problems please contact your league manager before he or she contacts you
Club Information Update:
All clubs are reminded that they have until the end of the month to update the contact details of the club officials on this website. If you do have any particular problems with it please do let the webmaster know asap/ Failure to do so results in a 50% increase in your league entry fees, which is a needless expense for your club.
New Leagues for 2011-12 season:
Following my post of yesterday please find loaded the new league structure for the coming season. If you have any questions or queries please let me know by 20th June. We want to get the fixtures actually scheduled and posted as soon as we can after this date.
Divisions for the new season:
Just a reminder to all clubs that the new leagues were posted on 6th June and they have until 20th June to let us know any questions or queries. To date we have received lots of comments, suggestions and questions, particularly around the unique situation where a club was expelled from Div 2 South. We ask all clubs to note that there will almost certainly be alterations to the Divisions that have been posted. Please be assurred that where changes are made the committee have worked hard to ensure that they have been made in the spirit of the current league rules.
Club information - annual update:
All Clubs playing in the East Leagues must update their club information page by the end of June with details of officers etc for next season. Follow the Update your Club link on this page to do this - your usual club password will be needed. If there are no changes between seasons, just click the Entry button to confirm that the information continues to apply. Don't be tempted to confirm old information and catch up after the deadline - if you have problems with, say, a late Club AGM please alert the webmaster. Failure to update by the deadline will attract a 50% increase in league fees.Clubs that have not updated their page since mid-May are listed here. If your Club is one of the many listed, please ensure that an update is done.
EML Entries - Update:
All Clubs entered teams by the deadline, with just six minutes to spare. Many thanks to those who did so well before that - promptness is always appreciated.
New Clubs:
There are two new clubs in the East Leagues this season. Broadland will be joining the EWL as Norfolk champions, and Grantham will be joining the EML in Division 6NWN. We hope all Clubs will help in making the newcomers welcome, along with all the new teams that will be joining us either as county champions in EWL or newly created teams in EML. Also, Bourne and Market Deeping merged during summer to form a new club, Bourne Deeping, to play in a combination of the divisions of the previous clubs but with one team less in total.
League AGM papers:
These have been sent out by email this season, as there are no rule changes or other proposals to vote on, just officers and fees. If you are a Club MLO, WLO, or VLO and your email address as currently listed on the ClubSearch page is incorrect, your copy will have failed to reach you. Please let the East League Secretary have a current address. Note that on the voting papers, there are some incorrect dates. These can be ignored - my nontyping abilities are legendary.
Mens League promotions and relegations:
All promotions and relegations are now complete apart from the SE divisions (and with the possibility of an extra promotion from 3SW). These will not be finalised until the completion of a disciplinary appeal later in May. Clubs are reminded that as usual there may be later adjustments to the divisions for next season, depending on how many teams are entered next year. There was one relegation from the national league, causing no additional relegations or promotions in the East League. The splits in relegations from 2S are two each into SE and SW, causing no additional promotions or relegations. From 2N there are 3 NW teams and 1 NE team relegated, so causing an additional relegation in each NW division, and conversely an assitional promotion in each NE division.
Men's League entries for next season:
Team entries for next season for the Men's League must be made by May 31st. Follow the link on the left, or use the Preseason page. You will need your usual Club password. Please do this as soon as you are certain of your teams for next year - the sooner we have all team numbers, the sooner you will receive your fixtures.
League Management Comittee - April meeting:
The final meeting of the season resolved playing matters still outstanding, agreed League Officer and League fee proposals for next season, reviewed the indoor season in relation to league dates, considered the placement of Chelmsford 2 in EML and of Bedford Ladies 1 in EWL and the size and fixtures of EWL Premier next season, the disciplinary record of Plashet HC, and arrangements for the AGM and Presentations. Full minutes are available via the Meetings Page.
Womens League promotions and relegations status:
Promotions and relegations are now complete. There were two relegations from the national league, which would normally cause an extra relegation from East Premier and consequently from several lower divisions. However, the League has accepted an application by Bedford Ladies 1 to transfer from Midlands Premier to East Premier, which would itself generate another extra relegation. All told, that would mean over half of the teams in the Premier Division leaving. We do not want to relegate on this scale unexpectedly, so will have a 14-team Premier in 2011/12, with the extra relegations taking effect at the end of that season. Clubs will therefore know from the start what they are playing for. The basic relegations next season will be six from Premier, three each from Divs 1N and 1S, and all 11th and 12th placed teams in Divisions 2NE, 2NW, 2SE, and 2SW plus the 10th placed team with the least points. The four additional match dates needed for Premier next season are being discussed with all 14 Clubs, and final confirmation of all this will be posted on the Preseason Page shortly. (In anticipation of queries, please note that a 13-team division requires as many extra dates as a 14-team division).
Top goalscorer in Men's League:
If you have a player who has scored a high number of East Mens Lague gaols this season, please email the webmaster with details of his name, club, and league goal total. The highest score will win the Top Scorer Trophy, to be presented at the AGM on June 5th at Redbridge Sports centre. To give time to check the claimt against teamsheets, all submissions must be in by the end of April please. The current leader has submitted a claim of 70 goals.
Promotion and relegation markers:
Users finding apparently erroneous champion, promoted or relegated markers on leage table pages should click their browser refresh button before raising a complaint, to ensure that their page display is the most current. Some corrected errors have recently been re-reported.
East Women's Champions:
Congratulations to Maidstone Ladies on winning the EWL Premier Division. As East Champions they will be promoted to the national league for next season.
A reminder to all clubs who won a trophy last season - There is just over a week to go until the end of March, which is the deadline for the return of all trophies. Progress so far is painfully slow, and as usual most teams seem be leaving it to the last minute. You will all be aware that League Rule 2.8 states that any trophies returned late will attract a £50 fine. Trophy winners in the EML should return their trophies to Nick Hoyle, 28 Valeside, Hertford, SG14 2AS. Trophy winners in the EWL should return their trophies to Sarah Mann Sexton Cottage, Tiptree Road, Great Braxted, Witham, CM8 3EJ. Registered post should be used for this so that there is some insurance cover against loss or damage - which would otherwise have to be paid by the Club conscerned.
East Men's Champions:
Congratulations to City of Peterborough for winning Premier A and becoming East Champions. They will go forward to the National League next season.
Unacceptable facemasks:
Clubs should note that the EHB has consulted with FIH and has ruled that two face masks sometimes used in matches do not meet the requirement of the Rules of Hockey that: “field players … are permitted to wear a smooth preferably transparent or white but otherwise single coloured face mask which closely fits the face when defending a penalty corner." These are the Obo Face Off 2 and the TK 3 Facemask. These do not “closely fit the face” and are not “smooth” and consequently cannot be used.
Did a team in your club win a trophy by winning a League Division last season? If so, you need to return the trophy undamaged by the end of March. We are giving you all an early warning so you can : 1) locate the trophy 2) make sure it's in one piece 3) get it well polished before returning it Trophy winners in the EML should return their trophies to Nick Hoyle, 28 Valeside, Hertford, SG14 2AS. Trophy winners in the EWL should return their trophies to Sarah Mann Sexton Cottage, Tiptree Road, Great Braxted, Witham, CM8 3EJ. We would remind clubs who won trophies that you received them in a nice and shiny condition and we reasonably expect to receive them back in that condition. Oh, and there is a fine for being late...
Promotions and relegations:
As the end of the season approaches, Clubs need to remember that there may be promotions and relegations additional to those set out in the league rules. It is possible that there will be two teams relegated from the Women's National League to East, causing an additional relegation from our EWL Premier and likewise lower down. In contrast we may receive no relegation from the Men's National League, so generating an additional promotion to our Men's Prem A division. We will be adding a new team to one of the higher divisions in our Men's League, so an additional relegation may occur in Divs 1 or 2. And after the season ends there will as usual be other factors affecting divisional placings next year, such as entry numbers, team withdrawals, promotions declined, and so on. The usual advice applies - make no assumptions, continue to select teams on strength from the top downwards, and endeavour to win all your games.
Congratulations to our first Champions::
Two teams tie for the honour of first past the post this season: Bedford Town 2 are Champions of Division 2S and Lowestoft Railway 1 of Division 4NE. Well done, both of you.
January League Management Meeting:
The minutes of the meeting are available via the Meetings link on the right. Main issues discussed were: slow progress by clubs in arranging slips for the many matches cancelled for bad weather; league dates agreed for EML and EWL for next season; planning for presentation Day and AGM 2011; and various match issues dealt with by League Managers.
Slip matches:
There has been remarkably slow progress by many clubs in arranging slips for matches cancelled for bad weather. Clubs should remember that the closing date for the Leagues will be the weekend of 9th April for the EML and 16th April for the EWL, and matches not played by then will be voided. Other rearranged matches have been played, but without results being reported to the appropriate League Manager. That is not acceptable, particularly when clubs are often badgering the website for fully updated tables.
EML Divisions 3NW and 4NW:
Will all CLOs and team captains in these divisions please note that Neil Liversedge will be away on Saturday 19th February. Match results should be reported to League Results Co-ordinator Richard Munns by telephone on 01354 653714. If on answerphone please listen to the message and report the the result in the format required. If you play in 3NW or 4NW but are not the CLO or team captain, please draw their attention to this message to help ensure all results are reported on time.
EWL slip match results:
Slip results should now be reported to your League Manager for addition to the results page. Access dates gave now been restored to the default of the current week
EML Prem A, B and Div 1 match results for 8th and 15th January:
Richard Munns will not be able to take calls for these results. Would clubs in those divisions please email the result to Samantha Menear on the day of the match. Richard will be back to take resulkts as usual on the 22nd.
Royston match times:
Due to flood light problems at Bassingbourn Barracks, there have been extensive changes of match times for Royston teams. Details of the changes have been loaded into the Times & Venues system, and the individual clubs affected have been notified by email. Such emails notifying changes should be acknowledged by a brief reply as soon as possible please.
Times and Venues for cancelled matches:
As soon as postponed games are rearranged please add the new information to the Times & Venues system. If you are not certain of how to do this, access the original fixture in the system and at step 3 read Note 4. This will ensure that you are not chased for details of the new arrangements by League Officers. They have better uses for their time, and so do you!
With two weekends now wiped out by weather, and the worst of winter yet to come, it is imperative that slip matches are arranged as soon as possible. Games postponed on Nov 27th should be slipped to Dec 11th, and those postponed on Dec 4th should go to Jan 8th. If those dates are unavailable because of another slipped East League match or a match in the East Senior Indoor Qualifier, you should use a Sunday in January. Discuss any insurmountable problems with your League Manager. Please note though that League matches must take precedence over friendly matches. It is essential that matches postponed before Christmas are played by the restart in January, and not moved to April. NB: Do not forget to inform the relevant Pool Secretary of the revised date and time of any match in a division covered by pool umpires.
EHL Clubs:
Rule 3.5 specifies that non-eligibility of EHL players for East League matches in the mid-season EHL break is based on the starting elevens on the last two teamsheets in November. If the EHL match on the 27th was cancelled, there is no completed teamsheet, and the restriction is therefore based on the starting elevens in the two matches played immediately before then.
EML 5SE: withdrawal of Ford 2:
Ford HC have regrettably had to withdraw their 2nd team from the League with immediate effect. The team would like to thank all the teams and players that they have played against, other clubs for their hospitality, and the umpires and league managers.
League Management Meeting:
Minutes of the October meeting are now available via the League Meetings page. Main items covered were: issues arising out of late league fee payments; response to SSSC survey on the effects of removing U14, U15 and U16 from league hockey; the EHB Masters Review and the East Veterans League; the end of the league sponsorship arrangement; and decisions and updates on various playing issues.
EML Rickmansworth HC::
Rickmansworth have regrettably had to withdraw their 3rd team from division 6SW and as a result their 4th team has been withdrawn from div 9SW. The latter team will however be continuing to play league fixtures as friendly matches, and opposition clubs are encouraged to help Rickmansworth by fulfilling all those fixtures.
Team withdrawals, EML Divs 6NE and 9SW::
Cheshunt 4 have withdrawn from 9SW and North Walsham 4 from 6NE with immediate effect. All results to date have been voided.
Team withdrawals, EML Divs 9SE and 9SW:
Regrettably Southend 4 have withdrawn from 9SE and Royston 5 from 9SW with immediate effect. All results to date have been voided.
Boston HC traffic probem:
Boston currently is gridlocked most Saturdays due to ongoing roadworks on the A16/A52 that will continue all season. Clubs should allow at least fifteen minutes extra for the journey, even when taking this alternative route: Alternative route from the South: at the roundabout at Kirton, turn left into the village and follow the road (Station Road) to the end. Turn right past the war memorial on the right hand side and follow the road for around 1.5 miles into Wyberton. Turn left (West End Road) at the junction immediately past the Pincushion pub (before a set of pedestrian set of traffic lights) and follow this road for around a mile. This will lead you to the A52 (roundabout). Turn right at this junction and you will go past Oldrids Downtown on your left. Go over the level crossing and turn right. After approx 400 yards turn left (just after a pedestrian crossing) and the pitch is at the bottom of the road.
EML Div 4NE:
Lowestoft Town have had to withdraw from this division due to loss of players. Future opponents are being informed, and all results and fixtures will be voided.
Roadwork alert from Old Southenians HC:
Teams playing Old Southendians here at Warners Bridge should avoid Cookoo Corner roundabout (the one after The Bell PH) going into the A1159 (Priory Crescent) and also the roundabout approaching Sutton Road as there are major roadworks.Alternative route: Along A127 approaching the Tesco roundabout take 1st exit on to B1013. Follow Nestuda Way to roundabout then take 3rd exit, and at next roundabout go straight on to Eastwoodbury Lane. At the end of the long road turn left into Eastwoodbury Crescent and follow road to large roundabout and take 2nd exit (not Airport/McDondalds roundabout). Cross bridge with pitch on right hand side, then go along Southend Road to reach the Anne Boleyn PH. Turn right at roundabout along Sutton Road. Follow Sutton Rd round to reach a roundabout. Turn right into Temple Farm Industrial Estate. Follow Chandlers Way to T-junction with Sumpters Way. Turn left to see Club.
Roadwork alert from Bishops Stortford HC:
For ten weeks from mid-Sept there will be road works at the bridge on the A120 at Little Hadham, and the A120 will be closed from the Tesco roundabout to the A10 junction during weekends from Oct 15th to Nov 8th. This will affect any teams heading towards Bishops Stortford from the West. It is advisable that any clubs coming from the North West of the region should follow the A505 and M11; those from the SW should follow M25/M11 or A414/A1184.
Captain details:
As part of the rules and designed to aid League Managers all clubs must supply Captains' names, e-mails and mobile phone numbers before the season starts. Two very organized clubs sent these details through to League Manager, Rosemary Prince ( EWL 1S and 1N) in July but due to a terminal computer loss these e-mails and the enclosed details have been lost. Please can these two clubs kindly resend the details to Rosemary - and let this notice also act to remind all clubs to send the relevant information to their own League Managers.
Club Umpires:
Some entries in the database have unfortunately been corrupted. A partial restoration has been possible, but there will still be few club lists with errors. These are most likely to be of entries made in the latter half of last season, and will include the reincarnation of some deleted umpires. When carrying out your usual preseason check and update of the club list, please bear in mind these possible errors. The lists at the start of the season will be considered by League Managers as complete and accurate.
Times and Venues:
We have now passed the deadlines for these details being loaded on the website for the first half of the new season. Each fixture without these details may attract a £5 fine from your League Manager. Clubs must complete this exercise now, or discuss the reasons for not doing so with their League Managers. Not meeting the deadline makes life especially difficult for umpiring organisers who need these details before they can properly make appointments.
Rules of Hockey:
Changes in indoor and outdoor rules will apply from 1st Sept in all competitions. Outdoors the experimental rules on free hits become full rules, it is no longer an offence to force an opponent to foul, penalty goals disappear, and fhd in the circle must be in line with the position of the offence. Indoors, experimental rules become full rules, fha in the opposition half deflected off the sideboard may enter the circle without touching another stick, and penalty goals again disappear. In both games, penalties for offences during penalty corners will be listed in detail. Full details available via the EHB website news page.