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East Men's and Women's League News


Urinating at the side of a hockey pitch.: We have received the following notice from England Hockey, sent to the East Region Hockey Umpires Association which we believe needs to be shared with all clubs:-

We are seeing an increasing number of complaints regarding urinating at the side of the pitch. As we are sure you will all agree, this behaviour is not only unpleasant but also a contravention of the EH ‘Respect – Code of Ethics and Behaviour’ – Disrepute Offence, not to mention in some cases a criminal offence. We expect all members to refrain from such behaviour. However, in the event of such incidences, in keeping with the revised Disrepute Complaint Regulations, we kindly ask that these be referred to EH as a Disrepute Complaint in the first instance. It is likely that offenders will face a suspension.


How do your players and spectators behave: As this weekend is the last weekend before the scheduled Christmas break we want everyone, umpires, your team members and your spectators to leave the hockey field with a smile on their faces and looking forwards to the next part of the season in the New Year. Therefore it is appropriate to remind all clubs that the League has had to get involved in complaints about very poor player and spectator behaviour, where it has been clear that people allegedly representing clubs have forgotten their responsibility under the England Hockey Code of Conduct and Behaviour. As a result of these complaints two clubs, under penalty, have had to brief the Code of Conduct to their members and a reminder has been sent by a League Manager to all of the teams in their League Division. Put simply these displays poor behaviour must stop NOW.
Clubs are reminded that they are responsible for their players and members conduct. We all know that player in the team who from the first whistle chats to the umpire regardless of the decision and we never tell him or her to be quiet.
We know that, out of respect those playing, if we are pitchside and there is a sideline hit we should make sure our spectators get out of the way to allow the game to progress but no we have had an occasion where this has not happened.
We know people on the sidelines who give "banter" when a decision goes against us but do not ever giving positive encouragement when the decisions are right and would never, ever think about contributing positively training as an umpire and donning a whistle.
It is time that we, as the hockey family, bring this under control and ensure that our players, the umpires and the members of our opposition are treated with respect and encouraged to play our sport in the best possible way.
We ask all clubs, as we approach the Christmas break to remind all of their members of the England Hockey Code of Ethics and Behaviours. All clubs, in affiliating to England Hockey sign up and subscribe to the code. All clubs are responsible for ensuring that all players, coaches, managers and spectators who support their club are both aware of, understand and apply the code, so please encourage them to do the right thing.
Lastly, umpires are not responsible for the behaviour of spectators, this responsibility lies with the home club. So if, during a game an umpire, receives a complaint of spectator abuse during the a game they should turn to the home captain who is responsible for ensuring that the spectators start to behave in a more appropriate way.


Club Umpires: Following the East League Management Committee meeting last night we have become aware of an issue that we do not want to see develop into a trend. There have been a couple of occasions where clubs have appointed umpires to games that are not affiliated to the County Hockey Umpires Association. East League Rule 5.2 is very clear that all umpires, whether they are Club Umpires (Assessed) or Club Umpires (Unassessed) should be members of their County Association. Should the League become aware of circumstances where this is not the case we will investigate and apply the penalties associated with the rule (which is usually awarding the game 5-0 against the team who have the unregistered umpire). Please remember it is every clubs responsibility to ensure that its umpires are affiliated correctly and all of their club umpires should be listed on the East League website with their registration number.


Funeral of Trevor Williams: We have been notified of the details for Trevor Williams funeral, which will be held on Friday 7th December at 4pm at the Woolensbrook crematorium Hoddesdon EN11 9BS. Any donations from clubs with go to the British Heart Foundation. All hockey friends are welcome to attend. There will be a private family wake, however the Hertford Hockey Club will be opening their clubhouse for all hockey friends to retire to and share their thoughts and memories of Trevor.


Web issues and webmaster service: With the sad death of Trevor Williams, as written below, both the ERHA and East League are working to try to gain access to the administration side of the website and once we have we will appoint a new webmaster. Until that point should you have any issues with the website please either contact your League Manager or East League Secretary Neil Liversedge and we will ensure that the issue is logged and acted on as soon as we can.


Passing of Trevor Williams East League and East Region Legend: It is with deep shock and deep sadness that we have to report the death of Trevor Williams, who passed away on Saturday evening. For many years Trevor was East League Secretary, a job he took enormous pride in. He was at the forefront of creating the current structure of the Men's League and playing an enormous part in the combining of the Men's and Women's committee's into a single body. Trevor also acted as East Region Hockey Association Secretary and was most recently Treasurer until this season. To the day of his passing Trevor remained the webmaster of this website.
Trevor was also a very loyal member of Hertford Hockey Club and it is thought there are not many players who have played against Hertford in the last 20 years who haven't been umpired by him.
A man of great intellect with a passion for our game, a man who worked tirelessly in trying to take our game forwards in a no nonsense, purposeful way that was fair to all.
To many Trevor was Mr East for a very long time, he gave sage like advice when asked and always encouraged everyone he worked with in administering our game to do the right thing.
Trevor will be missed for long time to come in the our game.
Details of Trevor's funeral will be posted as soon as known and we hope many will raise a glass in his memory.


Bad weather - start to think, start to prepare: Over the last 36 hours in the East we have seen the first winter weather starting to bite and I have seen that some clubs cancelled training last night due to frozen pitches. We are getting into the timeframe where over the past 3 seasons we have had problems with the weather in 2 of those seasons, so at some point we anticipate a point where our Saturday games maybe at risk. All clubs will know their local pitches and local geography so please start to prepare for the coming weeks. We ask you all to think about being pro-active, so that if the weather is frozen on a Friday think about who you are playing against the next day, the distance they will travel, with that knowledge think about what time you will need to carry out your pitch inspection(s). If you are the away team think about the contact details your opposing clubs have, are they enough? Your Fixture Secretary's are busy people and most also play/umpire/coach, so do you need to provide additional contacts. If you have pool appointed umpires think about them and what time are they leaving and make sure that they are also contacted as early as possible. Lastly contact your League Manager to ensure that they are aware the game is off. Hopefully we will go snow and ice free and our games will be played without trouble or concern but this is good advice that will remain true for the remainder of the season.


EH Working Group on Development Centres: England Hockey are looking to recruit 3 people from each Region to be part of a DC/AC working group to compliment the already functioning Performance Working Group. Meetings will be in a central venue(probably Midlands) and 3 times a year. Interested parties should contact Sally Tippen - legend_st@hotmail.co.uk or direct with England Hockey - Sally Mapley - sally.mapley@englandhockey.co.uk


East Hockey Masters Over 35s – New Initiative: In 2018, as part of the development of Masters' Hockey in England, England Hockey initiated the development of invitational national teams for both Men’s and Ladies at the Over 35’s age group level. With international masters' hockey now including this Over 35s category, England Hockey will be looking to select official teams with a view to participating in World and European level competition from 2019. In line with this initiative, East Masters Hockey is looking to create teams at this Age Group level to compete in Over 35 Regional Tournaments, to take place in 2019. In order to be eligible for this new age group East Masters Hockey are inviting anyone born between 1st January 1980 and 31st December 1984 to apply for trials to represent East Masters Regional Men’s and Ladies O35s teams.
Players [both male and female] wishing to be considered should contact Kim Hansen [kim1980hansen@gmail.com] for an application form to attend trials. Please complete the appropriate application form [Men’s or Ladies] and return as advised on the form.
Please note that the Men’s age group is also looking for an individual or group of individuals willing to take charge of the squad administration and management process. Anyone wishing to be part of this process should contact Kim Hansen kim1980hansen@gmail.com who will run through what this role will entail.


Can you help Hertford Hockey Club: Hertford Hockey Club are working in Partnership with Presdales School to build a new Astro Pitch the School. This would not only act a facility for the school and the club, but could also be used by the local Community as well as another venue to host junior Hockey Tournaments. We are now under a week away from the voting window closing, and have to date achieved over 10,000 votes, which is a great achievement. But we still need more votes as competition is strong on this round of voting. It would therefore be greatly appreciated if you could share this across your clubs and help us gather more votes over the next 5 days and help us achieve this goal. The link is below and takes a few minutes to vote. (Each email address can be used for 10 votes). All help from the Hockey Family is greatly appreciated to help provide facilities to grow our sport.


Umpire Feedback -East Premier Teams: This message applies only to clubs with teams that have East Region Hockey Umpires Association appointed to their games ( EML Prem A and B and EWL Prem ). As you are aware the Umpires Association are looking to encourage feedback from teams after every game with the aim of improving the standard of umpiring. At the start of the season each club was provided with instructions on how to do this via the ERHUA's own website. Can each club please ensure they help by providing their feedback each week. If you have lost the instructions please ensure you contact either the ERHUA Chair or Appointments Secretary.


The age where a Junior can play in an Adult League Game: In the last two seasons we have had a couple of occasions where Adult clubs have played a junior member in their teams. The excuse given by both clubs is "you don't have a rule with an age limit!" Both clubs are absolutely right and this is because England Hockey has a policy on the issue which applies to all clubs in England, it is a policy all clubs subscribe to when paying their England Hockey affiliation fees. The age when a junior can play hockey in an adult league is 13 and no earlier. Any clubs who are tempted to play a younger player should refrain and should the League Management Committee become aware serious penalties would be applied.

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Around the leagues 17-18 Nov.

EHL Conference

Mens East:  Cambridge City beat Teddington 3-1 and now lie sixth in the table with 8 points while CoP lose 1-8 to Southgate and slip to eighth also with 8 points.

Womens East: Harleston slip to third after a 2-2 draw with Horsham, while Sevenoaks remain alongside them after drawing 1-1 with Cambs City. Bedford beat Southgate 2-0, St Albans lose 1-4 to Wimbledon and Ipswich lose 0-5 to Hampstead.

County Womens Leagues
Essex: Crostyx beat chasers Chelmsford 3rds to go top by a point from Thurrock who beat East London 3-2. After a 5-0 win over Colchester, Wapping 3rds are only a couple of points further back.
Five Counties: Bedford beat Potters Bar 3-1 to move top by a point from Berkhamsted, 1-0 winners over Bishops Stortford, and Hertford who drew 2-2 with Saffron Walden.
Kent: Blackheath 1sts are five points clear at the top after a 1-1 draw with Folkstone, while chasers Bexleyheath beat Cliftonville 6-0. Gore Court are not far behind after a 2-1 win over Old Bordenian.
Norfolk: The top two continue winning, leaders Broadland 7-1 over UEA and Norwich City 3rds 4-1 over Lowestoft Railway.
Suffolk: Leaders Harwich & Dovercourt make it nine out of nine with a 7-1 win over Castaways, while eight points behind Framlingham beat Christchurch 8-0. However IES 2nds and 3rds have yet to play their match.

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