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You will be able to see the current state of our finances to the same level of detail as appears in the Annual Accounts, plus you will be able to drill down to transactions within your own area of responsibility. These accounts are live and will change as new entries are made into the on-line East Hockey accounting system - such changes may of course be a few days behind new entries in our Barclays account.

Payment cheques are included from the date of despatch, though it can be weeks before they are presented to our account, so displayed expenditure consists of actuals plus creditors.  (Cheques not yet presented are displayed without a date)

Receipts are added to this database after reaching our account, so income consists of actuals only. 

N.B.  This is not a full accounting system, but merely a database developed to help the current Treasurer make cashbook entries, balance bank against cashbook, and carry out some analysis of ongoing finances.  It is not used in the annual audit of accounts, except to supply a flat-file cashbook.  When the time comes, it will not be maintained for use by a successor treasurer.