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Copyright and Database Right
This web site is protected by Copyright and Database Right.    No part of the site may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission. 
Pages may however be freely downloaded, linked or copied in whole or in part for  their own non-commercial purposes by individuals, clubs, or associations affiliated to the East Region Hockey Association;  this permission does not include extracting data for use by other organisations or individuals not affiliated to East Hockey and/or operating on a commercial or semi-commercial basis.


Data Protection
All persons with contact details given on this site have their rights to privacy protected under the General Data Protection Regulations.
Club officer details are supplied by their clubs, and with effect from May 2018 on-line forms on this website used for the input of club officer and club umpire details will require explicit confirmation from the Club that this data is being input with the consent of the person concerned. 
East constituent commmittee member details are supplied by committee secretaries, or their equivalents, with the consent of the individuals. 
Also with effect from May 2018 the annual updates of such data will be limited to names, telephone numbers and email addresses.

The ERHA and in particular the East Leagues have a legitimate interest in using this data to manage their day to day activities, and will use it for the following purposes:

To enable East officials and officers of East clubs to find contact details for persons with whom they need to make arrangements for the organisation of matches, reporting of results, and the administration of the Association and its constituent groups

ERHA will not sell, provide, or display this data in any other way, and will not pass it to any organisation outside the Association.
Data is not retained after we are notified that the individual has ceased to occupy the relevant post or position within the relevant organisation.


The East website does not utilise cookies, and the East website service provider, 1&1, does not use or allow the use of Profiling Cookies or Technical Cookies on our website.  For details see: