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East Region Hockey Association wish to remind clubs, that as affiliated members of their Counties, East Hockey and England Hockey, they are bound by the constitutions and rules of those governing bodies.  As such it is imperative that all adult teams within clubs, men’s, women’s and mixed (indoor and outdoor) abide by the rules regarding U13 players.  This is not only for reasons of welfare and safety, but for insurance purposes should anything happen to a child playing in a team not eligible then the liability will rest with the club which breaks the U13 ruling.
The onus will be on clubs to enforce this ruling.  Umpires will not and must not be expected to make a judgement on the age of the players participating in the games.  Team captains, in taking to the field of play, will by nature of their duties, be confirming that their team is legally constituted for the match.
There are no formally constituted “Badger” leagues in the East Region and therefore the exception noted in the England Hockey statement does not apply.  Teams playing in adult leagues with development squads must not use players under the age of 13.
The statement produced by England Hockey is available as a download from the England Hockey website.

The ERHA is committed to the protection of children within our sport and as such encourages clubs and county associations to promote and implement the following good practice when working with young people:
1.  All Clubs that have young people under 18 in their club should register for and work towards the Clubs 1st award, which includes excellent good practice guidance.
2.  Adopt a child protection policy.
3.  Familiarise yourself with England Hockey’s policy, procedures and good practice guidance (details below).
4.  Appoint a Welfare Officer to act as a coordinator and promoter of good practice and to be the initial point of contact for concerns to be reported.  Ensure that named Welfare Officer is aware of England Hockey’s reporting procedures.
5.  Encourage people who have regular contact with under 18’s to attend Sports Coach UK’s ‘Good Practice and Child Protection’ 3 hour workshop (details below).
6.  Ensure coaches, officials and players agree to abide by codes of conduct
7.  All Clubs with young people under 18 in the club should register for and work towards the Clubs 1st award, which includes excellent good practice guidance.
8.  Undertake Enhanced CRB checks on junior coaches, Managers and any other individuals who perform duties that involve significant contact with young people.
England Hockey operates as an Umbrella Body for Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and can therefore facilitate CRB checks.  Subscription to this service currently costs £15 with a £5 administration charge per CRB check.  England Hockey provides guidance documentation and templates, including:  Child Protection Policy, Child Welfare Pack, Club Welfare Officer role
description, Incident report forms, EH CRB Service.

Further information is available from the EHB website Safeguarding and Protecting Young People section; from the EHB East Regional Office; and from Sports Coach UK (www.sportscoachuk.org).