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This search facility covers all clubs playing in the East Mens and Womens Leagues and County Ladies leagues.  Clubs playing in these leagues but located outside East are included.

Searches will display all the information available on the club -
colours, officers, clubhouse address, clubhouse directions, club website address, and a list of the club's astros.  Clicking on the club website address will take you directly to the club website.  Clicking on any astro name will take you directly to a page of details about that astro.  Clicking on a map reference will take you to a page on the www.streetmap.co.uk site.
See note below on the updating of club information.


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A search can be carried out by name of astro, or by county location. Either will display the astro address, directions, and a link to a map.
An astro located at a club site (but not a sports centre) usually has the club name. 


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Astro search by county




Clubs should verify that all their information in the database is correct.  Each East League club has its own password to update the database at any time, and is in any case required by League Rules to do so every June.  Information on County League clubs has been copied from County Association and League websites, handbooks, etc, and will be updated annually in line with those sources - but if a County League club wishes to update its own information, a password to do so can be provided by the webmaster

Note on Streetmap
Clicking on map links will take you to the Streetmap website.  The map displayed will include an arrow pointing to the location of the club or astro. You will need to use the back button to return to this website from www.streetmap.  If you find an incorrect map reference, please alert the webmaster